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I am Joel! I make shorts and features and post them all on this channel!

If you make a movie (a feature length film, 40+ minutes) and send it to me, I will watch it.

Making movies is so possible nowadays, all my features cost $0-$500. I hope my promise can be a nice form of encouragement. There are so many systems and roadblocks (and lies) in place that keep us unambitious and apathetic in the medium, and I hope the promise that a filmmaker will watch and care about your hard work can be that little push some may need to create something bigger.

With the massive growth of the channel, this promise has become much harder to fulfill but it still stands. With that in mind, really consider what you send me. Maybe don't send your 5 year old film that you don't need to hear any more feedback on, make something new! Also, no compilations of shorts, that's cheating! It may take me months or a year to get to your film because of a massive backlog, thank you for your patience.

The Bachelor but with monkeys
20 годин таму
Breaking and Entering
Месяц таму
Sir! What Are Your Orders?
Месяц таму
I'm not proud of what I did.
Месяц таму
How I Animated This Video
Месяц таму
What’re y'all doing down there?
Месяц таму
Playing an RPG for the second time
Месяц таму
Are you okay out there?
Месяц таму
Meet the Man Who Shrunk His Own Penis
2 месяцы таму
Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG
2 месяцы таму
Get On My Level.
2 месяцы таму
The Dawn of Sketch Comedy
2 месяцы таму
Dads Checking Into Their Airbnb
2 месяцы таму
When introducing friends goes too well
2 месяцы таму
Fellas Like You
2 месяцы таму
Parent Chaperones on School Field Trips
3 месяцы таму
Playing an RPG for the first time
3 месяцы таму
Elton John is not a good astronaut
3 месяцы таму
I feel like such an idiot.
4 месяцы таму
Christian Schwarz
Christian Schwarz 7 годин таму
It's Like Zombie movies Don't exist in the Zombie-Movie universes
Aidan Coutts
Aidan Coutts 7 годин таму
You should just direct for the history channel. You have entirely grasped the structure for these shows.
Wiktor Maciejewski
Wiktor Maciejewski 7 годин таму
Half a milion subscribers? It's been ONE month and it's 1958829 subs! Con grats bro! Keep up the good work!
H.L.A Solomonov
H.L.A Solomonov 7 годин таму
Cant stop laughing
The Seedy Waffle
The Seedy Waffle 7 годин таму
Is that a candle on the kitchen counter? I have the same one
You Are Actual Jesus
You Are Actual Jesus 7 годин таму
0:39 white das version of the crip walk
HorizonSet 7 годин таму
Mumblers 🤣
Adam Cleaver
Adam Cleaver 7 годин таму
0:40 me on the 15th
OokileyGMR 7 годин таму
"I literally can't think of a better way to fight him than this." I love this line, I laugh everytime he says it
Sausage Mahoney
Sausage Mahoney 7 годин таму
This video is disturbingly relatable to me :I
DoABarrelRoll 7 годин таму
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 7 годин таму
This is how I feel telling my conservative family about modern political views
Paolo P
Paolo P 7 годин таму
1:46 Oh vavafang guulo Angelucci
bingusdonguschongus 7 годин таму
is that death sound from uncharted 3
TheRBGamer 7 годин таму
4:3 video in 2021 wow
AxCos 7 годин таму
Despite the fact that cinema has popularized the word, and associated it with brain-eating, reanimated corpses, the word Zombie has been around since at least the 1800s. With that known, even though some writers are trying to be creative by removing that favored word, they are actually being lazy to do such little research, because realistically wouldn’t their characters resort to “zombie” or a related term eventually? Even calling them by “vampires” is technically right. No offense to TWD, but I still find “Walkers” to be a stupid name, with zero creative effort. How often do the humans run in the comics or show? Aren’t they also technically “walkers” more than half of the time?
Average Joe
Average Joe 7 годин таму
do girls, get impressed by your reddit karma?
poisonhemlock 7 годин таму
More of this, now, please, I have to know who goes home with the monkey.
Head of Tax Reform and Percentages
A Dog's Purpose displayed some excellent examples of a dog's purpose, such as herding sheep, unlike the purpose of the movie Thor: The Dark World.
SelfSabotage 7 годин таму
These made me laugh so hard early in the morning. ❤️ he was pure. Rest in paradise
Eric Zander
Eric Zander 7 годин таму
You say he saw "forgettable" movies but he saw the masterpiece that is Paul Blart.
Anis Zaky ZERROUKI 7 годин таму
I'm literally drinking milk rn
Daniel Winter
Daniel Winter 7 годин таму
Not gonna lie, until "fastly and furiously" was brought up, I thought about the pod race in Episode 1.
dip 7 годин таму
this happened to my buddy eric once
Srab23 7 годин таму
That was quite the feat of strenght. You should be proud of your physical power
Less Gravity
Less Gravity 7 годин таму
Where's the Jack Haver channel edit: oh man, just noticed that he has passed away. May he rest in peace :( 🙏
Kimg Komg
Kimg Komg 7 годин таму
Check yourself before you shit yourself
Basselsabub Garcia
Basselsabub Garcia 7 годин таму
That acting was on point, true emotions in the eyes. Beautiful.
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 7 годин таму
BYdown is full of documentaries about stuff no one but me cares about.
The Conjurer's Tower
The Conjurer's Tower 7 годин таму
His nightstand is a plastic crate...Too real...
stvbrsn 7 годин таму
Lots of good solid Neanderthal DNA on display here. And being passed from father to son, no less. Always nice to see well-adjusted autistic folk.
Bucko 8 годин таму
The pain never ends, you just get better at living with it
Tim W
Tim W 8 годин таму
From this video alone I can tell your dad was such a great guy! I can only imagine what fun this would be to shoot video's like this with him! :) So wholesome
HungryHedgehog 8 годин таму
lit as fuck
ValianthHero 8 годин таму
the monkey eating the banana is my favorite,
Hector Rosario
Hector Rosario 8 годин таму
Thats what happends when you get an xbox..🤣🤣🤣🤣
poopybumbruh videos
poopybumbruh videos 8 годин таму
Damn your animation quality has gone through the roof.
Oli Sykes
Oli Sykes 8 годин таму
“in that case, im using my final move too” KILLER MOVE: SERIOUS SERIES...STANDARD PUNCH!!!
Prod by Alejo
Prod by Alejo 8 годин таму
you manage to capture the way i feel in real life so perfectly. Its weird and scary but i cant stop watching your videos. If you ever read this : NEVER STOP. I am learning a lot about myself and making movies here !!! Joel is a hero
FALLEN JaX 8 годин таму
The mic at 0:20 cracks me up
L 8 годин таму
Acheter le chien
Lord _ Scrubington
Lord _ Scrubington 8 годин таму
it is Jeremy Corbyn.
Oli Sykes
Oli Sykes 8 годин таму
well, i dont know saitama sensei has beard
DancingOdie 8 годин таму
Im dying laughing
Jerry Muffin
Jerry Muffin 8 годин таму
How about a Zombie movies where the characters talk about this like real humans? Like, in every Series/Movie they know our musicians, actors, famous classics, all that stuff from the 'old world'. In every iteration, a big part of the worldbuilding is made up by them living in the same Universe as us... but not one soul has seen The Walking Dead, Zombiland, 28 days later, or ever played a Videogame. Just makes no sense. Kingdom did it great since in ancient koera there weren't so many Zombie Movies (at least i guess so)
Adrian Veidt
Adrian Veidt 8 годин таму
God damn the alimony part made me burst my coffee lmao
Bucko 8 годин таму
is this what schizophrenia is like?
Chase 8 годин таму
I love how he just progressively gets lower in his seat
Justin Time
Justin Time 8 годин таму
It’s so Monty python, I love it. The parallels were probably drawn a million times but I just had to say it.
Hingle McKringleberry
Hingle McKringleberry 8 годин таму
This new season of money has me hooked already
2021 isn't a race
2021 isn't a race 8 годин таму
They have the same mole.
Bill 8 годин таму
Damn i miss my dad too. Much love Joel.
Delta Mike
Delta Mike 8 годин таму
Wes Anderson wished he had come up with this, much like he didn't come up with "Thor: The Dark World"
CrownedKoala 8 годин таму
There's a mith that this episode Joel is still soaring through the sky.
Quil Smith
Quil Smith 8 годин таму
Why do white ppl think we say “pop a cap in your ass” like it’s still 1987
vv oll
vv oll 8 годин таму
wasnt looking at the phone while the video started by itself and I thought it was an ad
DrDerpyest 8 годин таму
Thi- this is this year?
Bill 8 годин таму
I feel personally attacked.
SlingyBingy 8 годин таму
Refrigerated Ωrαnge
Refrigerated Ωrαnge 8 годин таму
The greatest crossover
bzqp2 8 годин таму
*- Hey dad, can I borrow your stick?* *- Sure son*
Arbolito Pequeñito
Arbolito Pequeñito 8 годин таму
Jack and Dean?
nameistaken 8 годин таму
And just like that, all my trauma comes rushing back.
Amandad 8 годин таму
Inaccurate, my dad doesnt talk, he just grunts 😂 but really this is funny
ajokay 8 годин таму
4:3 ratio. Nice.
Gloomipede 8 годин таму
In Gladis Maria.
Robert Reusch
Robert Reusch 8 годин таму
His hands are comically small
Delta Mike
Delta Mike 8 годин таму
As an east Londoner, i thought I was watching a documentary
MTG Analytic
MTG Analytic 8 годин таму
no even eng subtitles, russian dislike incoming
Usernameisapain 8 годин таму
Bob Ross if he was born in 1995 and never found painting as a passion
Hyper Active
Hyper Active 8 годин таму
I love these skits so much. They always improve my mood
Arn 8 годин таму
god DAMN these I N F E C T O R S
Jesse Johnsen
Jesse Johnsen 8 годин таму
WTF! <3
Quillcannon 8 годин таму
The stone age was probably the golden era of slapstick. Bonk = lol
Eduardo Ohasi Alvarenga
Eduardo Ohasi Alvarenga 8 годин таму
I think "Walkers" is kinda cool
NANI 8 годин таму
200 boinkers?! thats a lotta milkers!
Jesse Johnsen
Jesse Johnsen 8 годин таму
I cant tell if this is satire. I also can't tell which character is the most relatable. Fantastic work!
Errafox X
Errafox X 8 годин таму
Could you please dress up like this and talk like this in town in front of the public.
McPopcorn 8 годин таму
i thought he just never moved while speaking cuz hes very weird