A man with no rhythm plays Rhythm Heaven Fever 

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I lack all musical talent, time to learn how to karate chop in time to music
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10 Стд 2021





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RTGame Месяц таму
Monkey watch needs to die
GSO 2 години таму
Octo 10008
Octo 10008 7 годин таму
Never have I resonated with a comment so much in my life.
runacchi_113 13 годин таму
Monkey watch is the true test of rhythm test This filters the peasants away from the gods.
The Amazing Guy
The Amazing Guy 16 годин таму
Heroofsomethin 17 годин таму
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 4 хвіліны таму
As someone who got a Perfect in every game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix... That's it. I just wanted to brag. :P
Mason Vieau
Mason Vieau 54 хвіліны таму
so this is what rt looks like
Vui Vui
Vui Vui 4 години таму
Octo 10008
Octo 10008 5 годин таму
It's so weird seeing Donk Donk with an actual description other than "This one's hard to explain." Also for them to actually have a name in the credits.
MathBro51 6 годин таму
53:41 gotten
Dr Agon
Dr Agon 7 годин таму
34:08 I've been using this to sleep to but I just noticed how phallic this looks... Just... just watch his hand rather than his face... It's traumatising....
eoeo 11 годин таму
48:00 Friday night funkin, idk never played it
BANANAFIELD 11 годин таму
I think you're getting a rhythm
runacchi_113 13 годин таму
14:29 I have to agree, this one is hard when hearing it first time
runacchi_113 13 годин таму
RTGame: I can't bop my head otherwise I miss Me: I have to bop otherwise I miss
JESS is EPIC 14 годин таму
I've watched this video so many times since it came out. I think I have an addiction to the game's sounds lol
Sara Swan
Sara Swan 22 години таму
H Egan
H Egan 23 години таму
I like how much RT's rhythm improved over the video. :D
John Barnes
John Barnes 23 години таму
Oh, also... In America, we called the Badminton players "Baxter and Forthington" while Britain called them "Quick and Slow". The sequel would have both US and UK versions refer to them as Baxter and Forthington. Unfortunately, we had an opposite problem. Britain called the creatures in Donk-Donk "the Donkers" (which is sort of what they are known as in the Japanese version), but we decided to refer to them as just "Uh... these guys?" cause we wanted to be cute about how absurd they were.
jjoe zero
jjoe zero Дзень таму
I can relate with that seal
Christipher Wytewa
Christipher Wytewa Дзень таму
We know one more thing hes bad at
Lord Scrapper
Lord Scrapper Дзень таму
Why dose he look like yandary dev
Mairo kinda sus
Mairo kinda sus Дзень таму
Top 10 questions science still can't answer: How many balls does the Mandrill have stored in its mouth?
Lux P
Lux P Дзень таму
Oof this hurts my heart.
Torumarin Дзень таму
Wait so I just watched an hour and 32 minutes of him passing every level just to give up right at the end. Thats... evil
Peppa fan
Peppa fan 2 дні таму
I struggled with this game so much. Didn't want to skip anything. In the end didn't complete 3rd remix
Elliyana 2 дні таму
He ain't got rhythm
Gabe Tree
Gabe Tree 2 дні таму
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the BEAUTIFUL editing at 6:45, seamless transition in the music, wonderful job
thiq_prxncess 2 дні таму
i love remix 9
Foxchow400 2 дні таму
1) the planet going to a shimmer in a birds eye was the smoothest transition ive ever seen, and two, those poor birds probably have concussions
MoopieDoots 2 дні таму
There is one game that is said to be worse than dark souls one with monkeys and watches...it is known as Monkey watch.
Arcueid Brunestud
Arcueid Brunestud 3 дні таму
Now speed run the porn version.
dareddevil6 3 дні таму
RT I love your face, but if I wanted to see it I'd just violate the restraining order
Ellen Novo
Ellen Novo 3 дні таму
Let Me Guess: You Fell Asleep In a Metronome Factory And Now Work In A Library With Sweet Old Ladies And A Carpet From The 80s And What More A Librainan Need? Besides You ain't got rhythm No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm I think perhaps that your not listening I find it tedious to repeat It's no big crime You just can't keep time I'm telling you, You lost the beat You don't need Your face on t-shirts Or hit a power-chord guitar They were screaming your name I guess it's a shame But You don't need to be a rock star Besides You ain't got rhythm No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm Sounds like rhythm to me No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm But you got that beat No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm It's time for you to rock a brand new generation Gonna rock a brand new generation Because You ain't got rhythm!
Pyros Nine
Pyros Nine 3 дні таму
May have also been input lag with his TV, if he was also going off visual cues
Thermitemain 3 дні таму
all the og's remember the older built to scale levels
BedBugKing 3 дні таму
As a percussionist... Mandrill no feel happy.
Scrafty TheOne
Scrafty TheOne 3 дні таму
Everyone: talking about the monkey wacth love rap: *sad love rap noises*
Tokyo Okaos
Tokyo Okaos 4 дні таму
Now play Friday Night Funkin
Christopher Dominick
Christopher Dominick 4 дні таму
I have more perfects than he has medals. Maybe I have OK rhythm? haha no I’m a rhythm god
Wolf Cross
Wolf Cross 4 дні таму
"Where is the rhythm hell?" This video is the rhythm hell.
Vui Vui
Vui Vui 4 дні таму
France cannot read English so it had to be printed in reversed. There is one time France spelled Bread as Pain. It ended up in hundred years war.
tiiny - xo
tiiny - xo 4 дні таму
Just straight up jamming 🤘🏼
coilover cat
coilover cat 4 дні таму
As a music student this pains me
Camo0101 4 дні таму
I never thought a video this long would be something I come back to multiple times and rewatch in its entirety to ward off the existential despair encroaching on my psyche if for only a small period of eternity
Dino Nugget
Dino Nugget 5 дзён таму
Thum nail 40:40
Tha Double A P YT
Tha Double A P YT 5 дзён таму
Wubudubudub is that true, Dan
Heart 5 дзён таму
Why do you look like jacksepticeye???
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones 5 дзён таму
monkey golf is a banger
John Barnes
John Barnes 5 дзён таму
What was his biggest nemesis? Monkey Watch or Love Rap?
Tethys 5 дзён таму
1:33 iIi fEeL tReS BoN HoHohOhohO
Mango 5 дзён таму
fO shO
Serena Ho
Serena Ho 5 дзён таму
In the next day's news... Good try. -_-
Marie Augustie Balo
Marie Augustie Balo 5 дзён таму
damn the ball kicking guy is such a simp
SpecterVonBaren 5 дзён таму
Uggghhhh.... It hurts...
Agatha Schneida
Agatha Schneida 5 дзён таму
StormyRAD 6 дзён таму
RTgame the only place where you will here monkey clock more than once in a video
Kris 6 дзён таму
As someone who plays rhythm games on a normal basis, this video makes me feel immense amounts of pain.
Turtle Wurtle
Turtle Wurtle 6 дзён таму
I would pay money to see him play lockstep
Emily Steed
Emily Steed 5 дзён таму
me too omg, lockstep and rhythm rally 2
Tinkerer Melon
Tinkerer Melon 6 дзён таму
Fly 5
Fly 5 6 дзён таму
Every gangsta 'till someone starts screaming: PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA PA
Me Official
Me Official 6 дзён таму
He’s beginning to believe
JOHN CENA 6 дзён таму
Me being a drummer, you don’t have an ounce of rhythm.
Joseph Burkhart
Joseph Burkhart 7 дзён таму
Fun fact: Money watch got into smash!
Blue Tiger Breath
Blue Tiger Breath 7 дзён таму
69420 likes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Doesn’t Matter
Doesn’t Matter 7 дзён таму
RT looks like all of bri’ish
Autumn Doyle
Autumn Doyle 7 дзён таму
Somebody get this man a metronome
Casey 7 дзён таму
this hurts to watch
Татьяна Денисова
I have a decent sense of rhythm and still this game could be a pain in the butt from time to time
Dhèvà Jú
Dhèvà Jú 7 дзён таму
Pro tips : Never thrusts the tutorial 👨‍🏫📓
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson 7 дзён таму
What about playing this in a vr head set
HSeaW 7 дзён таму
This video is absolutely hilarious. Hahahahahaha. I wish rhythm heaven will get one game/re-release on the switch
Hong Meiling
Hong Meiling 8 дзён таму
Hey isn’t this the guy that failed Hole in One live on stream?
Samantha Saenz
Samantha Saenz 8 дзён таму
This game is seriously cute :)
Prxtty Lxtin
Prxtty Lxtin 8 дзён таму
Now I have to see him play Friday night funkin
Oscar 8 дзён таму
I want him to play Patapon so bad!
epical Worlds
epical Worlds 8 дзён таму
Rhythm games are so fun but easy to me but ngl we all struggled on the Monkey clock don’t lie
Hatichan 8 дзён таму
aka me
EERIE OREO 8 дзён таму
You keep saying that you don't have rhythm But listen what you're doing right there Sounds to me like you've got rhythm to spare
declan wagar
declan wagar 8 дзён таму
as a musician specifically a DRUMMER wow this hurts me so bad I love you rt but ow my heart my soul
Robert McRobin
Robert McRobin 8 дзён таму
"cafe lady" the barista is a dog doe
Scorpio 9 дзён таму
"It's OK, you're just a little bit different"
Shinocx 9 дзён таму
Now that I see rt playing this I'm now proud that I can play osu
Sofia Vien Domingo
Sofia Vien Domingo 9 дзён таму
Is that space rabbits from Wario ware?! 1:09:45
Harvey-Kain 9 дзён таму
Why do I just hate love rap with a burning passion lmfao
Jacqueline Harkiss
Jacqueline Harkiss 9 дзён таму
I can only imagine how much he'd hate Lockstep
Illogical Thinking
Illogical Thinking 9 дзён таму
Wow. I'm sorry, but you are absoloute [word] at this. I can't watch this. Not even 3 minutes in. Good luck.
Gacha And Other Stuff
Gacha And Other Stuff 9 дзён таму
werh227 9 дзён таму
RTGame ain't got rhythm!!! He ain't got rhythm!!!
TheyNamedMePlayer 9 дзён таму
I need a switch version
Gabe Tree
Gabe Tree 10 дзён таму
I think all Daniel needs is to learn to subdivide and he'd NAIL those (European) footballs Subdivision is dividing longer beats into equal, shorter ones. It's hard to explain to people who don't know the very basics of music theory but essentially there are always two beats that fit into one. So if you hear a quarter note, there's two eighth notes within that, there's two sixteenth notes in an eighth note, and so on. That pretty much means that even if the music is slow and the beats are sparse, you can count in your head, instead of "one... two... three... four," you can count "one and two and three and four and" which makes it significantly easier to keep the beat edit: small typo
Camden Carreon
Camden Carreon 10 дзён таму
This music GOES HARD
Jaccob Bailey
Jaccob Bailey 10 дзён таму
This is, quite possibly, the most anti-satisfying video I’ve ever experienced. I’m in pain
Unown 10 дзён таму
Rewatching rhythm heaven videos made me remember Love Rap. Love Rap reminds me a lot of Friday Night Funkin'
Daniel Thorsteinsson
Daniel Thorsteinsson 10 дзён таму
And here I was hoping for a music colab with Kevin..
RaichuCat666 10 дзён таму
Nobody: Rhythm Heaven: *ok but it's actually tiny*
JanwithBanan 10 дзён таму
I really want this game
ItzHegs 10 дзён таму
I watched this in 2× speed and I'm pretty sure I could play a lot of these easily
ben noon
ben noon 11 дзён таму
This hurts!!
Fake Love
Fake Love 11 дзён таму
He said 'I ain't got rhythm'
nessa4132 11 дзён таму
i used to not look at the screen at hole in one but as soon as id look id mess up😅
Facennapper 11 дзён таму
i feel tres bon 1:30
Jacqueline The Insane
Jacqueline The Insane 11 дзён таму
You say you lost the rhythm of it for the monkey clock. You never found it in the first place!
Jacqueline The Insane
Jacqueline The Insane 11 дзён таму
Monkey (7 shakes) RT (8 shakes) “I don’t think I’m getting it right”
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