Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video) 

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Listen to “Therefore I Am”, out now: smarturl.it/ThereforeIAm

Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records




12 Ліс 2020





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Secret_Venzzi Хвіліна таму
where is X? :(
Nur Peni
Nur Peni 5 хвілін таму
yakup ışık
yakup ışık 15 хвілін таму
Bu arada ben türküm ama kızım tabikide
Stephanie Ojeda
Stephanie Ojeda 19 хвілін таму
I miss the mall but I can’t go cause 3 people in my fam have da virus
Jaykmeit 20 хвілін таму
I've realized Billie is some Kingdom Hearts fan. You can notice of the Heartless icon at her sweater.
Tejas Kesharwani
Tejas Kesharwani 20 хвілін таму
Free free free Free items at night in mac mall Only for Billie elish
Roblox _
Roblox _ 24 хвіліны таму
I love this song and youuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bluejay Gaming
Bluejay Gaming 54 хвіліны таму
A disgrace to pretzels
Bluejay Gaming
Bluejay Gaming 54 хвіліны таму
A pretzel robbery
Ayşegül Aksoy
Ayşegül Aksoy Годину таму
Zulma Flores
Zulma Flores Годину таму
I Love u billie
Mario Giron
Mario Giron Годину таму
The fact that I’ve been at that same mall and wetzel pretzel lmao
Ximena Huerta
Ximena Huerta Годину таму
Linda canción 😍😍😍
Danae Zikou
Danae Zikou Годину таму
Am I the only one who recognizes the animal crossing reaction sounds😅
Игнат Самойлов
Игнат Самойлов Годину таму
Приезжай в Россию. В баню сходим
Pc GamerZ
Pc GamerZ Годину таму
Who is here after seeing the ad????
Greg Kosinski
Greg Kosinski 2 години таму
Hey look a mallgoth in its natural habitat!
QueenBer 2 години таму
I bet this mall became a museum now
-*-elizabeth a. / Circus baby-*-
-*-elizabeth a. / Circus baby-*- 2 години таму
4:23 Security: HEY! Billie: f*ck this sh*t I’m out
Farhin Anika
Farhin Anika 2 години таму
Funfact:This was shot on an iphone
Bhavini Pandey, 14
Bhavini Pandey, 14 2 години таму
Me- Watching this video at 2x speed!
Niko Duran Lu
Niko Duran Lu 2 години таму
Imagine renting a mall to record a video of Billie looking crazy walking around :D
domingo S.
domingo S. 2 години таму
Her producers either suck or she has a garbage budget, or both. A video in an empty mall.....
_KhimCristy 3 години таму
Alternative title: Billie's mukbang video
Aparna S
Aparna S 3 години таму
xXIrratrateXx 3 години таму
mmhmm 1:03 best part
Kaira Xx
Kaira Xx 3 години таму
Mgk is better than billie eilish. ;) Dare completed. .,.
Indana Kayira
Indana Kayira 3 години таму
Demi apa ini vidioinnya pake hp doang?
Marissa Nolan
Marissa Nolan 3 години таму
she looks so happy while shes singing
Jazzo Wazzo
Jazzo Wazzo 3 години таму
I sound a lot like Billie especially in this song so I’m trying to remember all the lyrics
funny uni
funny uni 3 години таму
lol the first time I heard the song was a bit creepy. My sister asked if I had heard it, I said no and asked to listen to it, my dad turns on his Bluetooth and the first song that plays Therefore I Am. I believe apple is stalking me-
Sash :0
Sash :0 3 години таму
Shot on iPhone.
Cheryl Blossom
Cheryl Blossom 3 години таму
Русские вы где?
Jamie Trivett
Jamie Trivett 3 години таму
Hey billie
Ирина Подручная
Ирина Подручная 3 години таму
Mc Zikop
Mc Zikop 3 години таму
Yo lo grabé con ella estábamos en plaza Tlalne
Hero Gul
Hero Gul 4 години таму
So Satan love ver, you rock. Great for my daughter's cutting, she tried taking her life listening ova and ova to lucifer love song. F U BILLY
I'm Clare The Weeb
I'm Clare The Weeb 4 години таму
Let's just appreciate on how the camera man ran all the way around the mall just to film Billie.
Nikk Kumar
Nikk Kumar 4 години таму
The mall's tour was awesome....👌
Mariel Yolanda Herdt
Mariel Yolanda Herdt 4 години таму
❤️🇦🇷❤️te Amo Billie!! Que aria sin tu música?
Marcus Peretto
Marcus Peretto 4 години таму
I cant understand what is about
Bryan Esmil7
Bryan Esmil7 4 години таму
Lex Salvador
Lex Salvador 4 години таму
Glad I didn't see his brother popping lmao. I thought Phineas or whatever will once again, have his own exposure with this 😂
JonTrevious Matthews
JonTrevious Matthews 5 годин таму
Sophia Abbygale Viray
Sophia Abbygale Viray 5 годин таму
STOP! i think i really love this song
Newman & Beyond
Newman & Beyond 5 годин таму
Toed 5 годин таму
Just me or does everyone know a mall that looks like this
Esther Quiroz P.
Esther Quiroz P. 5 годин таму
billie walking past justice Billie: bye
Vilma Plaza
Vilma Plaza 5 годин таму
Resumen: Billy robando
Angel Gammer
Angel Gammer 5 годин таму
I all ready know Stop what the hell u talking about is gonna be a tik tok song
María Sanchez
María Sanchez 5 годин таму
I lOve you so much you are literally everything to me like no cap
Sưu H
Sưu H 5 годин таму
Bài hai
Vada Does Stuff!!!!
Vada Does Stuff!!!! 6 годин таму
Pov: billie convinced you too walk around in a empty mall watching her steal food.
fera anda
fera anda 6 годин таму
Hola xD
FiveKidsTV 6 годин таму
I'm a fan of billie elish and I can't stop listening to his song
By R3nanzin
By R3nanzin 6 годин таму
🇧🇷A voz da Billie é muito relaxante pqp😩🤧 🇺🇸Billie voice is very relaxing😩🤧
By R3nanzin
By R3nanzin 6 годин таму
🇧🇷A voz da Billie é muito relaxante pqp😩🤧 🇺🇸Billie voice is very relaxing😩🤧
By R3nanzin
By R3nanzin 6 годин таму
🇧🇷A voz da Billie é muito relaxante pqp😩🤧 🇺🇸Billie voice is very relaxing😩🤧
•Muffin Squad•
•Muffin Squad• 6 годин таму
I think the song/title name should be "I'm Not Your Friend".
pinki unu
pinki unu 6 годин таму
Te amooo
MitCheesyFired 6 годин таму
"oh, it's that song from tiktok"
Bett Caguimbal
Bett Caguimbal 6 годин таму
By R3nanzin
By R3nanzin 6 годин таму
A voz da Billie é muito relaxante pqp🤧😩
Ivana Alvez
Ivana Alvez 6 годин таму
I ' a love you 😍💖💕
Robbee Flora
Robbee Flora 6 годин таму
After the strange floor where are U
Robbee Flora
Robbee Flora 6 годин таму
Running escalators Rushing
AceofWizards NephElite
AceofWizards NephElite 6 годин таму
Good song, dumb video.
CookieMocchhii 6 годин таму
Billie do be stealing foods
Er Black
Er Black 6 годин таму
It was Bella birthday Anthony and my birthday is coming up
Er Black
Er Black 6 годин таму
😊🙏🏿😻 it was Tony birthday
Er Black
Er Black 6 годин таму
I love your videos and songs
Er Black
Er Black 6 годин таму
You're famous
Narendra Nath Soren
Narendra Nath Soren 6 годин таму
Therefore i am deaf
Laney._.Roblox 6 годин таму
You watching -in bed -not full screen -reading comments
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 6 годин таму
I'm not your friend or anything in damn you think that your the man I think there for I am I lile it alot
Alejandro FNAF
Alejandro FNAF 6 годин таму
I don't know what the song says but I like it and I say it because I speak Spanish XD
MeExpressing MusicExploration
MeExpressing MusicExploration 6 годин таму
Let me know what you guys think about this live cover? Therefore I Am - Billie Eilish ( 🎹 Cover ) Happy New Year 🥳
MILY 6 годин таму
Like si amas a billie y comenta si la quisieras conoser Te amooooii
Malinda Montez
Malinda Montez 6 годин таму
billie eilish did you get in trouble
MILY 6 годин таму
Te amooooo billie eres la mejor te adoro😆😍😍😘😙♡
ronja ögård
ronja ögård 7 годин таму
Omg the did my dream!!!!!!! Om crying irl
Lux 7 годин таму
ستان بيلي
Nelson Mg
Nelson Mg 7 годин таму
Ayanda Ali
Ayanda Ali 7 годин таму
I love this song 🎶
Daniela Pereira
Daniela Pereira 7 годин таму
🤣🤣🤣 I love you Billie
Chantel 7 годин таму
I love you billi
Chantel 7 годин таму
Omg love it
Irma Carrola
Irma Carrola 7 годин таму
billy eilish I have a shirt uv you your the best
Larissa mod_player
Larissa mod_player 7 годин таму
loved the intru✨💕💕
Kidfury 1294
Kidfury 1294 7 годин таму
how to join premier
tvtime2122 7 годин таму
This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.
Las reinas
Las reinas 7 годин таму
Hermosa canción
Blue Takis
Blue Takis 8 годин таму
Aleeya Andrade
Aleeya Andrade 8 годин таму
Damn must be nice to have all that food😂😌
맨중딱 8 годин таму
00:13 so cute🐥
maurilio caldera
maurilio caldera 8 годин таму
Quien viene del año 2021
Te' Jackson
Te' Jackson 8 годин таму
Is she talking to Drake bc he texted her
Mariah 8 годин таму
Mazen Hany
Mazen Hany 8 годин таму
I like it😊
wajid afridi
wajid afridi 8 годин таму
speechless you rock
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