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Enjoy this video about how I made this video!
Here's links for everything you need -
Ebsynth: ebsynth.com/
Adobe Premiere: www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html
Adobe Photoshop: www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html
Davinci Resolve (Free Premiere Alternative): www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
Gimp (Free Photoshop Alternative): www.gimp.org/
RedGiant Effects: www.redgiant.com/products/universe/
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More Animations - bydown.info/lost/PLKtIcOP0WvJDZemPYZZQSqotCgpps5DbX.html

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22 Стд 2021





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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 2 месяцы таму
Thank you so much for half a million subscribers. I hope this video strikes a balance between helpful and entertaining. I encourage everyone with the faintest interest in animation to try out this process, it's really fun and unique. It's okay to steal my style outright, imitation is flattery and the greatest jumping off point for finding your own style. Links in the description to everything you'll need! Much love
CoderShare 7 дзён таму
2 months later and has a million. BYdown really seemed to like you in 2021.
Soundwave 8 дзён таму
Thank YOU!
Berry Quiet
Berry Quiet 8 дзён таму
Hey Joel I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your technique! I feel like I finally have that creative spark for animation again that had been gone for a long time. Thanks for being the push I needed to return to art!
Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone 9 дзён таму
aaaaand a million subs
Karl Fagerstrom
Karl Fagerstrom 17 дзён таму
This is so awesome. Not only for figuring out this rotoscoping technique, and sinking the hours into it (sounds like it's a ton of work), but also teaching the internet how to do it.
Meaner Dinner
Meaner Dinner 6 хвілін таму
rotoscope animation is the name of this style
Bagel lord
Bagel lord Годину таму
The 2 seconds of the village burning was hilarious
alexandriadavis15 2 години таму
Sprinkles a little Chuuuuuuuchuuu.
N T 11 годин таму
Definitely going to try this once my friends and I have a bit of content
S Marcotte
S Marcotte 13 годин таму
This video is so important as a content creator that I had bookmark it
Ambrose Randall
Ambrose Randall 16 годин таму
anyone know any good free versions of premiere and photoshop? New to the game but keen to start animating my own skits. Thanks Joel for your amazing content inspiring many.
Gmail Account
Gmail Account 16 годин таму
Anyone else think he was holding a rifle in the thumbnail... LOL
Exotic King
Exotic King 19 годин таму
:Joel so buddy how’s school goin? :Trent
Mahmoud Elsayed
Mahmoud Elsayed Дзень таму
You managed to make a how to video to be interesting.
voicemyvoice Дзень таму
This is really cool. I was just watching your stuff and wondering how you did it. I appreciate you sharing your inside knowledge when you really didn't have to. It inspires me to do my own. Thanks!
Joel Halkey
Joel Halkey Дзень таму
It's a good time to be named Joel
TheGameMatt Дзень таму
If Mr. Rogers’s neighborhood taught art class
Spencerham Дзень таму
Adult Swim is gonna B-line it straight after this man by end of this year calling it now
Mark itZero
Mark itZero Дзень таму
Joel Harvey Style. Very amazing.
PayneDeathz Дзень таму
Totally agree with this video! Thanks Joel for your hard work!
Forest Taylor
Forest Taylor Дзень таму
I love your animation style. I always look forward to these!
Adam Дзень таму
subbed for speaking the true true on art and tech progression
tatertotter808 Дзень таму
I’m so confused. You do the artwork on one image and then the Ebsynth mimics the style on the rest of the frames?
Colt Kirwan
Colt Kirwan 2 дні таму
This video was oddly satisfying to watch
Axodus 2 дні таму
I had a strong feeling you were using Ebsynth, but your humor is specifically what makes your videos great, the style of animation is only part of it.
Anh Ly
Anh Ly 2 дні таму
Is this a jojo ref?
25th Ming
25th Ming 2 дні таму
satria Dicky
satria Dicky 2 дні таму
Dude invented a whole new animation style
un-reanimated corpse
un-reanimated corpse 3 дні таму
Yeah. It’s modern rotoscoping. Why would anyone even question that? Christ.
Andrea the HIP hopper
Andrea the HIP hopper 4 дні таму
Very cool. Thank you!
KiLLaH 666
KiLLaH 666 4 дні таму
I only saw your animations like 43 minutes ago and i aleeady love you mann
wakadododo 5 дзён таму
So thats how they made Waking life, cool.
Jerry Ziggy
Jerry Ziggy 3 дні таму
No man, Waking life is completely drawn frame by frame Rotoscope
Tanner Scheurer
Tanner Scheurer 6 дзён таму
"half a million subscribers, That's crazy" -Joel 4 months and 700,000 subscribers ago
Tom Buck
Tom Buck 6 дзён таму
I’ve never watched a tutorial so many times purely for entertainment value. Perfection.
Magpie 6 дзён таму
scanlines are too agressive man. go for full vector monitor man. on a second thought, yea, vector shimmer just can't work on modern displays :(
TAWA 126er
TAWA 126er 6 дзён таму
you are awesome !!!
Grace T.
Grace T. 7 дзён таму
Ahh! This explains how the facial expressions and body movements looked super realistic! Very cool!
Dylan Luke
Dylan Luke 7 дзён таму
totally meta so geil alta. mega geil
Fleshfeaster 7 дзён таму
Joel: Thanks for half a million subscribers This was 3 months ago Now he's at 1 million Me: 2:49 No but seriously, very well deserved man. This channel is a gem.
TOG YMK 8 дзён таму
Davinci doesn't do png...
Aramil 8 дзён таму
Mentally I am at 4:44 The Joel Haver Sunset Dimension
A.J. Birtwistle
A.J. Birtwistle 8 дзён таму
Thanks so much for this video. I really appreciate you sharing this info and sharing the ability to create art. :)
xhensilaz 8 дзён таму
That's amazing, wow! Looks so time consuming but I love the result, glitches and all
Vinski 8 дзён таму
1:33 Y Is This funny
Dreadge 8 дзён таму
you granted the world your ability, they granted you adoration. Godspeed you magnificent bastard
Jared Marshall
Jared Marshall 9 дзён таму
What do you think of Waking Life?
George C
George C 9 дзён таму
So you draw on one frame in a shot and then ebsynth manages to apply that drawing to every other frame?! Thats outrageous
A M 9 дзён таму
Two months later and over a million. Amazing and very kind to share how you did this. Really enjoy the videos and the comedic awkwardness!
BadSniper 9 дзён таму
this changes everything
aaron71 9 дзён таму
ohhhhhh you have to be able to art. well, still an interesting video :D
Ludwig Van Normayenn
Ludwig Van Normayenn 9 дзён таму
super cool :D
ali everitt
ali everitt 9 дзён таму
Why don't you have a drawing tablet?! Your poor, aching wrist. I will send you one, please don't get carpal tunnel!
flashbangkenny a
flashbangkenny a 10 дзён таму
Thank you for taking the time to explain it. I'm excited to possibly make this type of video you've inspired me.
pedroboat !
pedroboat ! 10 дзён таму
You stole this style from some other guy I saw use it!
Bella Cooper
Bella Cooper 10 дзён таму
i love how genuine you seem. i mean im sure theres more to you than what you show your youtube audience, but maybe since you mostly improvise i think you're inherently more genuine feeling than a lot of creators that i watch even when you're a green alien
Juan Francisco Lizarralde
Juan Francisco Lizarralde 11 дзён таму
Wouldn't be easy to do a stillshoot of you with your eyes and mouth wide open just before the scene starts and use it to draw on top and luckily doesn't glitch that much and then edit after?
Burnt Matches
Burnt Matches 11 дзён таму
I found you on the Fediverse. This is great, thank you.
Nicholas Ireland
Nicholas Ireland 11 дзён таму
I like your animation.... Darkly vibes👍
Collin Canning
Collin Canning 11 дзён таму
This is the most excited I've been following a youtube sketch channel in ages. Always pumped to see a new video come out. I think it's great how involved you get people and share credit, A lot of people wouldn't have the good sense to acknowledge just how much your other participants bring to the video and I've become big fans of your recurring friends too. Keep it up, seriously this is way more exciting, properly absurd, and madcap than almost any crap I keep seeing on tv.
Banana god
Banana god 11 дзён таму
Can you make a video on how you do your animations?
Banana god
Banana god 11 дзён таму
I literally laughed out loud at this comment, lol. It’s funny because it’s an actual video of how he does his animations but you clearly asked him to do that. Genius.
Sprint Wyvern
Sprint Wyvern 12 дзён таму
If ya wanna build your pc to make videos, I suggest going to college and learning Hardware/Software support for in-depth learning...Everything computer data and network related holy fuck its crazy long and you needa take notes im serious...
sprite sprite
sprite sprite 12 дзён таму
Jesus the dedication. Glad youtube recommended your vids.
Keith WS
Keith WS 12 дзён таму
Eb synth or ee bee synth? Discuss.
Mauro 12 дзён таму
Thank you for this tutorial, your style is great!
Nicolas Reszka
Nicolas Reszka 12 дзён таму
Awesome, thank you !!
Ezequiel Alvarellos
Ezequiel Alvarellos 13 дзён таму
sometimes feels like an adult swim cartoon
Mason Chamberlain
Mason Chamberlain 13 дзён таму
Thanks Man! It’s really cool of you trying share your passion!!
Rusty Fritz
Rusty Fritz 13 дзён таму
when you move the png into folders and you say each shot do you mean each frame to a folder or each frame in that one shot to one folder?
Zanimations 13 дзён таму
the spiffing brit needs to know about this rotoscoping exploit
Käptn Kook
Käptn Kook 13 дзён таму
I worked on a hand made frame by frame rotoscope project a decade ago (used macromedia flash for it) and kinda waited for an program like this to be created. Thank you for showing us how this works. Great videos!
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller 13 дзён таму
hilariously informational, I've watched this 3 times in a row and lost the air at 1:37 each time.
TimeWellSpent 14 дзён таму
this was really cool. I'm not gonna animate or anything but I just think this is cool. good job
Matt M
Matt M 14 дзён таму
I fucking love this. Thank you.
OSMAN HANSU 14 дзён таму
Thank you for your mindset, and you have my eternal gratitude.
Shinko Fleur
Shinko Fleur 14 дзён таму
Thanks Joel, my videos needed a little _vaj-ju-ju-blu-blu-fu-fu_ .
Jean-Baptiste David
Jean-Baptiste David 14 дзён таму
I love you
Stephen Pearcy
Stephen Pearcy 14 дзён таму
That's an amazing animation time-saver of a program!
Gary The Bard
Gary The Bard 15 дзён таму
Thank you for sharing this. I greatly appreciate it.
Shaggy Alonso
Shaggy Alonso 15 дзён таму
Hey girl, you wanna come back to mine for a little 4:40
daneguitarist1 16 дзён таму
youre mom is informative
Corona Incorporated
Corona Incorporated 16 дзён таму
Damn this is a lot of work for your videos
Christian Chatman
Christian Chatman 16 дзён таму
Could someone give me a more detailed written description of how to do this... my main issue is when I get to the ebsynth part. I get errors that the file is missing? Help
Christian Chatman
Christian Chatman 11 дзён таму
@sirolfreversed I figured it out as well. Just had to be matching and I wasn’t doing that thanks
sirolfreversed 12 дзён таму
Hey I had similar issues. What worked for me was making the png file names without numbers so it knew where to start and making sure the stop for the synth was matching my last png. file.
Woodsmasher1957 16 дзён таму
At first, I thought it was another sketch, but it ended being the answer I was looking for... ✌🏻 Min. 06:00 Me too...
Woodsmasher1957 17 дзён таму
At first, I thought it was another sketch, but it ended being the answer I was looking for... ✌🏻
Heavy Metal Mechanic
Heavy Metal Mechanic 17 дзён таму
And to think...I used to do this frame by frame...
Wait in the Wings
Wait in the Wings 17 дзён таму
This is amazing. Much respect!
Don Stuard
Don Stuard 17 дзён таму
You said half a million subs 2 months ago and you’re at a whole 1 million
RedTrooper 140
RedTrooper 140 18 дзён таму
You literally doubled in two months
Chellur 18 дзён таму
Ur a swell guy (:
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 18 дзён таму
That's actually amazing to know. I absolutely love this animation style
John Michael
John Michael 18 дзён таму
Love you too bro your video's make me happy and that's really all anyone can ask for isn't it.
James Armistead Double spy undercover
This video is so entertaining that even though it’s mainly a tutorial for creating this aesthetic style of video and that I’ve already watched it several times, I just keep coming back, because this is such a well done video and I love watching things that you can tell someone put genuine effort into. There’s so much I love about this video and I’m anticipating all the other content Joel is gonna put out, much love brother 👊
Spencer Previs
Spencer Previs 19 дзён таму
Your point at the end about technology being a "cheat code" is seriously inspiring and clever
Milk And Ciggies
Milk And Ciggies 19 дзён таму
This video has so much uh faju ju bubu floo floo
Raw Evil Gaming
Raw Evil Gaming 19 дзён таму
This video probably was the longest one for you to make overall lol
GPU LV 99 19 дзён таму
You're amazing! lol
Kevin Michael Connolly
Kevin Michael Connolly 19 дзён таму
Awesome cartoons - but the fact you're taking the time to show us behind the curtain is just so cool. Thanks again for the content showing us how the magic is made.
Conner Lee
Conner Lee 20 дзён таму
I'm gonna give this a shot, thanks for the inspiration!
the Not On Tv Show
the Not On Tv Show 20 дзён таму
jimkats1 20 дзён таму
You created an animation to show how animation is being done. Brilliant. So you actually recorded live all these shots and after that you did the editing to look like animation? That's clever and amazing, great work.
Alan Loya
Alan Loya 20 дзён таму
Even this tutorial is funny and entertaining! Please don’t stop doing what you do!
Crim Zen
Crim Zen 20 дзён таму
I'm seeing a lot of people using this style now. Started like 2 weeks ago.
Stu Mas
Stu Mas 20 дзён таму
I think it adds to the humour when your eyeball glitches at an awkward moment
★_Vizualize_★ 20 дзён таму
This is genius. Subbed.
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