Imagine Dragons - Follow You (Official Music Video) 

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You know I got your number number all night
I’m always on your team, I got your back alright
Taking those taking those losses if it treats you right
I want to put you into the spotlight
If the world would only know what you’ve been holding back
Heart attacks every night
Oh you know it’s not right
I’ll follow you way down wherever you may go
I’ll follow you way down to your deepest low
I’ll always be around wherever life takes you
You know I’ll follow you
Call you up, you’ve been cryin’ cryin’ all night
You’re only disappointed in yourself alright
Taking those taking those losses if it treats you right
I wanna take you into the sunlight
If the world would only know what you’ve been holding back
Heart attacks every night
Oh you know it’s not right
I’ll follow you way down wherever you may go
I’ll follow you way down to your deepest low
I’ll always be around wherever life takes you
You know I’ll follow you
You know I’ll follow you
Wherever life takes you, you know I’ll follow you
You're not the type to give yourself enough love
She live her life, hand in a tight glove
I wish that I could fix it, I could fix it for you
But instead I’ll be right here comin’ through
(Right here, comin’ through)
I’ll follow you way down wherever you may go
I’ll follow you way down to your deepest low
I’ll always be around wherever life takes you
You know I’ll follow you
You know I’ll follow you
Wherever life takes you, you know I’ll follow you
Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Follow You. © 2021 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records




16 Сак 2021





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Arnold M Xavier
Arnold M Xavier 5 хвілін таму
Not good not good
TEAMANLOLOKO 27 хвілін таму
The dislikers are Skillet fans
Carlos Fernando
Carlos Fernando 37 хвілін таму
Platzman should come as Braum in one of the next music videos
ClingyCrab1951 50 хвілін таму
Song’s nice, but what did I just _watch?_
Bra Qwami
Bra Qwami Годину таму
The real definition of music, 💕✌
Bryan Bernal
Bryan Bernal 2 години таму
Una declaración de amor ❤️
Sr Ayuwoki
Sr Ayuwoki 3 години таму
3:32 like ten more songs?
Keke 66
Keke 66 4 години таму
"The Gang Stars In A Music Video"
Марго Марс
Марго Марс 4 години таму
Девушка прийшла без джинсовой куртки. Сидела без нее. Потом появилась джинсовая куртка на плечах. Потом исчезла с плеч. Потом опять появилась. Потом опять исчезла... и опять появилась....и так далее. в итоге она ушла как и пришла без куртки.
Owsem 5 годин таму
Datang sini sebab amir masdi buat cover 😂
Danica Nichols
Danica Nichols 5 годин таму
You know that one new song you become obsessed with? You listen every chance you get? On repeat? You hum it? You watch the video 1000 times? It makes you happy as soon as you hear it? Changes your complete mood? That song that gives you goosebumps? THIS IS THAT SONG!!!!!
Gaming with Robbie
Gaming with Robbie 5 годин таму
Gaming with Robbie
Gaming with Robbie 5 годин таму
Agro Podlasie
Agro Podlasie 6 годин таму
Pozdro z Polski :)
peter Mathews
peter Mathews 6 годин таму
Andrea West
Andrea West 6 годин таму
Yessss. Awesome Video. Good tune!! God Bless Y'all!!
4- -2
4- -2 6 годин таму
the choereography look like anime meme lmao xD
X ibir
X ibir 7 годин таму
Came here after listening to Cutthroat....feeling much better
DM Music Studios
DM Music Studios 7 годин таму
Holy crap this video was so freaking funny and kinda has an awesome message.
maldonadodi78 7 годин таму
I would love to see the bloopers for this.
Maddox O
Maddox O 8 годин таму
It'll be kinda weird that in 10 years, we'll all think about the memories this song gives us.
maldonadodi78 8 годин таму
This makes me giggle. Great song and video.
dat bitch jo
dat bitch jo 8 годин таму
Crying 😭😭
Yossf Nasr
Yossf Nasr 9 годин таму
Ilove this song lmagine Dragons
Julio Andres Diaz Valle
Julio Andres Diaz Valle 9 годин таму
the woman: o if undressing for me man: don't love me
Cristian alfarotamani
Cristian alfarotamani 9 годин таму
the leyends
Percival Graves
Percival Graves 9 годин таму
Мужик с усами похож на Алекса Армстронга немного
imagine twenty one pilots
imagine twenty one pilots 9 годин таму
I just realised that they drop the video on my bdayyy
el gagagou
el gagagou 10 годин таму
Pov: you clicked on the ad.
Cinthya L.
Cinthya L. 10 годин таму
Pinche canción espectacular, me la dedico a mi misma
David 10 годин таму
Tá aqui o comentário BR que vc tá procurando
Tia Hatsu ·-·
Tia Hatsu ·-· 10 годин таму
I loved this song the MV is incredible 👌
Rishita Rai
Rishita Rai 10 годин таму
@ImagineDragons please do a caption check lol it’s says in the second para spotlight but clearly it is sunlight
A3 CC 10 годин таму
„I don’t want to hear those guys.“ BUT I WANT TO HEAR THOSE GUYS!
Hendra Lumumba
Hendra Lumumba 11 годин таму
this video is rockin AWESOME and the song is magic love the lyric too... TOTALLY MY BEST FAV SONG LIKE EVEEER
Angarag-erdene Ganzorig
Angarag-erdene Ganzorig 11 годин таму
So funnyyy
Jessica Nathalie
Jessica Nathalie 11 годин таму
heard that in swiss radio and im obsessed
Стас Медведев
Стас Медведев 12 годин таму
Tiago Pereira
Tiago Pereira 12 годин таму
Geodes 12 годин таму
1:42 the subtitle is wrong not spotlight but sunlight
Jere Perisic
Jere Perisic 12 годин таму
Didn’t know Tom Hardy is drumer.
Zulhilmi Nizam
Zulhilmi Nizam 12 годин таму
Perfect team..
Leonardo Guimarães
Leonardo Guimarães 13 годин таму
Mujtaba Marouf
Mujtaba Marouf 13 годин таму
Nalla Thambi
Nalla Thambi 13 годин таму
super music
CHAITANYA Dixit 13 годин таму
I got the meaning of the videos ❤️❤️❤️
Adrianus Kleemans
Adrianus Kleemans 13 годин таму
Song starts 0:42 :-)
Echo 13 годин таму
Wow, they just dissed their own songs lmao
uK 13 годин таму
just love this song!!
Sukma Zee
Sukma Zee 13 годин таму
Nice video 🥰
lvdmonstarr 14 годин таму
imagine dragons
Vadim Azarov
Vadim Azarov 14 годин таму
Killers посильнее,но Драконы тоже молодцы-нравится!!!
Rafa althaaf Sobari
Rafa althaaf Sobari 14 годин таму
at first i thought rob mcelhenney was Ryan Reynolds lol
M H 14 годин таму
Aalok K. Chaudhary
Aalok K. Chaudhary 14 годин таму
John Turner
John Turner 14 годин таму
The greatest video ever has been made
Hookie Hook
Hookie Hook 15 годин таму
No one is talking about the bisexual vibes this song has
Agnieszka S
Agnieszka S 15 годин таму
EDDY OTHIENO 16 годин таму
this song is amazing
геннадий скрыпников
Да чуваки! Вы - это будущая классика!
Rip Manos
Rip Manos 16 годин таму
Omg your their music makes me so happy and it makes me wanna keep on going
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 18 годин таму
Garvin The Martian
Garvin The Martian 19 годин таму
The Strokes did it better with Ode To The Mets.
Sara Glez
Sara Glez 20 годин таму
OMG I can't stop to listen this f** amazing song!!! I am listening in loop! and the videoclip? a masterpiece 😂
Qraw S
Qraw S 21 годину таму
Попахивает мужской качалкой,но мне нраитса!!!
Kat Horton
Kat Horton 22 години таму
Way DANG better than Beyonce and JayZ! They lost it! Y'all 💯🙌😄
Mars Pad
Mars Pad 22 години таму
Puggsey 23 години таму
whats with all the Russian in the comments?
The Banana King
The Banana King 23 години таму
Easily my newest favorite song not even close bro just the vibe is amazing
Laura Fabiolla
Laura Fabiolla 23 години таму
When you return to Brazil Please come to Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais So I can go with my mother to watch you are big fans ❤️🇧🇷😍☺️☺️☺️☺️🙃🙃🙃🙃
Ime Lara
Ime Lara Дзень таму
That was so hot
mevlutaytac Дзень таму
they are the new queen, beautifull
Wwb1449 • 20 years ago
Wwb1449 • 20 years ago Дзень таму
Enoc Famania
Enoc Famania Дзень таму
th king
th king Дзень таму
1:10 we didnt start a fire~~
Sofiplayz C.
Sofiplayz C. Дзень таму
Country Music! Yasss
Kristoffer Biedermann
Kristoffer Biedermann Дзень таму
I love this! Mainstream-flop, fanbase-hit is my prediction though.
mizz suevexia
mizz suevexia Дзень таму
Omg! My new obsession song 🥰
Bartosz B
Bartosz B Дзень таму
3:12 best! GIMME THAT SHIRT!
Kate TheGreat
Kate TheGreat Дзень таму
#NEWFAVESONG I listen to this song 2 times every day AT LEAST
Сергей Сторчака
Сергей Сторчака Дзень таму
приятная песня)
A_Djentle_Guy Дзень таму
Am I gay for liking this? I’m scared.
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Дзень таму
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński Дзень таму
Every fan of Imagine Dragons must comment this video; bydown.info/nick/v-d-a/hLvEzJnAd7-XhoA.html
meh Дзень таму
I love the song, let's hope radio stations don't ruin that for me by over playing this like they did with "Radioactive"
Frik Дзень таму
Человек листающий комментарии, добра тебе и удачи)
Alexandra Farkas
Alexandra Farkas Дзень таму
Finally a band making REAL GOOD MUSIC. T h a n k s
Carlos Alberto Retamar
Carlos Alberto Retamar Дзень таму
Фабрика шедевров
Кто то есть из Украины?
Shajith Дзень таму
This song is underrated.
Tonda Kratochvíl
Tonda Kratochvíl Дзень таму
Joaquim Liengme
Joaquim Liengme Дзень таму
The lead singer looks like Matt from the demolition ranch
Ernest Marshall
Ernest Marshall Дзень таму
LOL !!!!!!!!!!
Damian Arciniega
Damian Arciniega Дзень таму
Its 3:10 for me lmao
Matt Daemon
Matt Daemon Дзень таму
Akshay Kalamani
Akshay Kalamani Дзень таму
Imagine dragons
Béryl Nguyên
Béryl Nguyên Дзень таму
After watching the end of the vid, this was actually what Dan and Aja, his wife, did... they were about to make their divorce official and when they were in front of lawyers, they stood up and left to lunch ^^
DJ Hunter
DJ Hunter 6 годин таму
I mean, he said it was a text message saying "let's get lunch" and not them both standing there as it happened but I mean yeah.. good for them for making it through and finding a happy ending despite the bad they went through
Margreet Heithuis
Margreet Heithuis Дзень таму
I don't know how these guys do it, but every song they make gets stuck in my head
Niko Woj
Niko Woj Дзень таму
Kto z polski słucha?
Keshav Thakur
Keshav Thakur Дзень таму
Entire Naruto and Sasuke life in a nutshell :
Imagine Dragons - Follow You (Lyric Video)
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