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Thank you bubs for subscribing to my donkey videos, here's a special extra length video about Underhell 2 : Shitler's Realm.

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5 Стд 2017





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Tyler Harper
Tyler Harper 2 дні таму
2:44 so he did beat the game. He just didn't show all of it
Alex Heed
Alex Heed 2 дні таму
Shakespeare: Brevity is the soul of wit. Lisa: I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that
Anthony Quintana
Anthony Quintana 3 дні таму
Nern telling him pointless, unavoidable long ass stories was so hilarious and then he forces his way into your group hahaha
Landino 4 дні таму
I've watched this video a few times before beating the game im not the same man I used to be
BigBlassicBoi 7 дзён таму
BigBlassicBoi 7 дзён таму
andrzej sielaszuk
andrzej sielaszuk 8 дзён таму
U keep rewatching this video obce in a while It's a masterpiece
Sir Dewd
Sir Dewd 8 дзён таму
Hahahah one of your funniest yet 😄😂🤣
gusherz 9 дзён таму
LSIA Los Santos Internatial Airport
Mint 12 дзён таму
You have have my friend's life but you ain't getting my beef jerky. That shits expensive
DelayEdits 12 дзён таму
please play this again
puella maeror
puella maeror 12 дзён таму
Autismo Central
Autismo Central 17 дзён таму
So, anyone noticed No Man's Sky edited into Garbage Island at 6:25 ?
Cade Smith
Cade Smith 19 дзён таму
“This is the second most tragic thing to happen in my life”
Barnacle Scum
Barnacle Scum 20 дзён таму
Thank You Dingaling
Ahmedyassine Najjar
Ahmedyassine Najjar 26 дзён таму
7:24 damn I felt your pain
Gabriel Arias
Gabriel Arias 28 дзён таму
Laughed my ass off. Nice find this channel here.
Platypus Pie
Platypus Pie 29 дзён таму
Has anybody played the prequel though... Now THAT is also seriously fucked up
Bread 29 дзён таму
Nern reminds me of that hippo from Ultimate Custom Night
Your wasting your time Here
Your wasting your time Here Месяц таму
I honestly wish he gave this a dunkview. The story is amazing
Damn Daniel
Damn Daniel Месяц таму
lol still a national treasure 4 years later 🤣🤣
The Mr.H
The Mr.H Месяц таму
Almost at 10M
Bulk Bogan
Bulk Bogan Месяц таму
Terry is actually the strongest teammate in the game funnily enough once he learns his hottest dance.
Trent Brown
Trent Brown 23 дні таму
He can do up to 32,000 damage in one turn it's insane.
andrzej sielaszuk
andrzej sielaszuk Месяц таму
This game lacks one crucial part to be perfect TAILING MISSIONS
Myranda Sarro
Myranda Sarro Месяц таму
6:25 that joke aged like milk
That Meme
That Meme Месяц таму
I still can't believe Dunkey went to the dark parts of the Internet (DeviantArt) to get that thumbnail.
Safayat Jamil
Safayat Jamil Месяц таму
omg what is this game
Skimblie Месяц таму
Just realizing the thumbnail for this video is Ness
Trent Brown
Trent Brown Месяц таму
"LISA: The Painful RPG really makes you *feel* like a nobody/failure." -IDGAF
Nishimiya Is Wife
Nishimiya Is Wife Месяц таму
my friend said you arent funny but ur pretty foony to me
T Reezy
T Reezy Месяц таму
Bruh when he sold out his friend for beef jerky and a diet coke I LOST it
WeirdWhiteDog Месяц таму
L.I.S.A los international santos Airport
Witthawin Waemama
Witthawin Waemama Месяц таму
Why did you give Terry away, you can't do my man like that
Eyeless Otaku
Eyeless Otaku Месяц таму
2:53 tfw
Jason Leonardo
Jason Leonardo Месяц таму
For those of you confused about the rope climbing scene the music used to go on for way longer making the moment funny as hell but since everyone is getting dmca struck its short as hell now and ruins the joke.
Смеёмся вместе
Смеёмся вместе Месяц таму
Homeless Man
Homeless Man Месяц таму
I came back to this video after 3 years and I finally know now that I got "get fucked!" from the turn back clip, and it's still my favorite thing to say when I beat someone. Thank you Dunkey.
T. R.
T. R. Месяц таму
Everyone acting like Dunkey didn't try to warn you about the game. Look 2:38 he warned you guys.
Blazi Ken
Blazi Ken Месяц таму
I never knew Work Harder was sampling a sound. That makes it WAY funnier imo
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw Месяц таму
I hear he is still talking to him in 2021.
CaliforniaHP Месяц таму
Thank you Dark Souls
Aedd Месяц таму
the first strand type game
world Месяц таму
Really, the entire game is about switching to Terry Hints
Adamantine Hero
Adamantine Hero Месяц таму
Fun fact when you get to the top of the tower you can use the truck keys to get down.
Froschgelb Месяц таму
Damn. I never thought of that lol
S Месяц таму
This video is a movie
Vytosan Месяц таму
los santos international airport
Tackitt 2 месяцы таму
this was a weird game
Hildebrand 2 месяцы таму
For some reason this is the Dunkey video I most often rewatch when it manages to pop up in my feed.
Justice Yumi
Justice Yumi 2 месяцы таму
thank you dark souls , killed me xD
NGB Sjabblen
NGB Sjabblen 2 месяцы таму
that must've been the second worst thing to happen to those orphans
typeerk 2 месяцы таму
This game "USA" reminds me a lot of Earthbound-
Bau Cap.
Bau Cap. 2 месяцы таму
This game makes you feel like *killing your own partner to earn some oil*
Jarne Baugnée
Jarne Baugnée 2 месяцы таму
Just finished the game Yea....
boobyqueen 2 месяцы таму
This may be the greatest Dunkey video ever
krusher167 2 месяцы таму
three years later and i keep coming back for the delin part
Quixotes Месяц таму
Suicidal Cat
Suicidal Cat 2 месяцы таму
At least he can always count on the snowman...
Chad Nationalism
Chad Nationalism 2 месяцы таму
>my wife is a horse >i get a giant erection about a horse yes. you think its a joke, but no, its not.
Bigpimping 1999
Bigpimping 1999 2 месяцы таму
Dunkey must of been watching a lot of bojack when this video was made
Gamenwatch 2 месяцы таму
Oh man the Nern encounter is always so funny 🤣
Suicidal Cat
Suicidal Cat 2 месяцы таму
3:36 *"Fucking kill me... killing me fucking now... in real life"*
Holy Heretic
Holy Heretic 2 месяцы таму
This game really makes you feel like misery incarnate.
Nestor notabilis
Nestor notabilis 2 месяцы таму
definitely one of the best dunki vidoes
Zo RA 2 месяцы таму
Such a great game
Staniel 297
Staniel 297 2 месяцы таму
You actually do find out the first most tragic thing to happen in his life.
Carson Rutz
Carson Rutz 2 месяцы таму
Its one of my favorite games
Jiraiya Gaming
Jiraiya Gaming 2 месяцы таму
"Thank you dark souls"
Suicidal Cat
Suicidal Cat 2 месяцы таму
7:36 🤣
Kirby King
Kirby King 2 месяцы таму
what is the music at the end of the video?
Q I R M I 2 месяцы таму
game isnt really that emotionally scarring like people are saying.
Q I R M I Месяц таму
@The Band's Call man i have travelled and stayed many days in the UK,Australlia and canada.. And i assure you any person with and average income i have seen that is into gaming, is way, wayyy better off than those who are even considered middle class in many countries. and i didnt say the gamers are forced to sympathize with marty. i said the gamers are constantly given mixed emotional outputs from the character. which is clever i must say. to get this clear i didnt say i didnt love the game. and i made this comment just to spread some positivity. and i didnt ignore anyones problems. sorry if you got offended. income,ridicule,self worth? yeah they are actually stapled problems in a materialistic,capitalistic society and they are gonna stay. hapliness lies in contentment. measure happiness with money,it wont ever come. that said, no hard feelings.
The Band's Call
The Band's Call Месяц таму
@Q I R M I "Even though Marty is an asshole the game makes that guy look like he is feeling guilty for his actions in the end" it's not like the game is telling you to feel bad for him. There's a reason brad attacks him in either decision by that point. Just because an awful character in the story eventually feels guilty for their actions in the near end, it doesn't force the viewer to sympathize with them. "But I am guessing most 'scarred' people are from 1st world countries and are kinda very unfamiliar with the low level threats of life being in a somewhat better protected society" Gee buddy, its almost like there are people born less fortunate in said 1st world counties because their society favors a group of people more than them. honestly its a little disheartening that you discard the problems that these people face (income, ridicule, self worth) just because they are from a different country.
Q I R M I Месяц таму
@Yukes i played everything though. playing lisa felt like something innovative but not emotionally scarring. I am a student of psychology. And I recognised what the developer tried to do with lisa. he played with deaths and the abuse of kids and moral questions. like even though marty was an asshole, the game makes that guy look like he is feeling guilty for his actions in the end. the same old building up a certain emotion to someone and then reversing it in the final moment trick. its been used many times in this game. and also sorry for stereo typing😅 but i am guessing a lot of the "scarred" people are from first world countries (e.g USA, Canada,UK) and are kinda very unfamiliar with the low level threats of life being in a somewhat better protected society.(no offense,stating reality) so people get startled and disturbed when things like pedofilia,torture,gruesome murder and family abuse is brought up. sadly this is some regular shit in third world countries( the situation is improving though thank god) and we kinda really dont get startled so much. that said everyone has their own perspective and i am not forcing anyone to share my "get tough" point of view. but please consider not holding on to these sort of scars and consider lisa as another silly game. its gonna be bad for your mental health if you get obsessed.
Yukes Месяц таму
maybe not scarring, it does make you feel a Lot though. play every game in the trilogy for full impact :^)
Malon Месяц таму
Yes it is, even more if you play the dlc
nome ruim
nome ruim 2 месяцы таму
ruined my life 10/10
Skylar Gayton
Skylar Gayton 2 месяцы таму
Nern's stories are about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, making up about 30% of this video's length.
Rockin 2 месяцы таму
Earthbound just as I remember it
ImperialSpence 2 месяцы таму
This game made me die a little bit
Derek Tuttle
Derek Tuttle 2 месяцы таму
This game makes you really FEEL like Lisa... or something idk I never played. 9.3/10
lity fity
lity fity 2 месяцы таму
RafusTeno 2 месяцы таму
This game really makes you FEEL like an emotional wreck
Ben Bourgery
Ben Bourgery 2 месяцы таму
i loved playing through this game so much
Phantasma 2 месяцы таму
This game is so dank. Bruh.
Just Karl
Just Karl 2 месяцы таму
**Turn around fast** *WELL HELLO AGAIN*
Suicidal Cat
Suicidal Cat 2 месяцы таму
MEE7 2 месяцы таму
LISA: The Pointless - Without Warning (Vinny and Lin Version) good music
Simp 3 месяцы таму
This is the best game you havent heard about enough
imaperson 3 месяцы таму
No man sky was then moved to pretty good island after a couple of years
UserNotFound 3 месяцы таму
I clicked because im a fucking weeb
SuperMarioBrosShow 2
SuperMarioBrosShow 2 3 месяцы таму
Honestly this is one of my favorite Dunky videos. It was so funny and it made my day!
BlackTiger 3 месяцы таму
“This is why I hate video games. They like, appeal to the male fantasy!”
Yoinkus Boinkus
Yoinkus Boinkus 3 месяцы таму
seeing WhatsHisName's review of this and learning its really sad blew my mid, seeing how dunkey plays.
cytoplasm 2 месяцы таму
could you send a link to the video?
Kokošinjac 3 месяцы таму
Isabella Reeve
Isabella Reeve 3 месяцы таму
Where do I find the full playthrough of this game from this guy?
James Buchanan
James Buchanan 3 месяцы таму
You caught me. Subscribe to rowd3, Unreasonable Steev, Luke Bubar, and Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access.
SuperMarioBrosShow 2
SuperMarioBrosShow 2 3 месяцы таму
@Hatless Coati no need to be a dick
Hatless Coati
Hatless Coati 3 месяцы таму
fuck you
Killerofcats 3 месяцы таму
restful flames
restful flames 2 месяцы таму
What does that mean dude
Pliable Bones
Pliable Bones 3 месяцы таму
I know nothing about this game. But seeing all the comments from people that have played it, saying it will leave you emotionally broke and shit, I've decided to get the game and try it. I wanna see just how destroyed this game will make me. I'll come back when I finish it, if anyone is till watching this 3 year old game.
tom io
tom io Месяц таму
@Malon the same way breaking bad is terrible - as in the internal story is horrible, but it is great because of how well it delivers that story
Malon Месяц таму
@tom io wdym terrible?
tom io
tom io 2 месяцы таму
It’s great and terrible, and great because of that
Albert L. Matlock
Albert L. Matlock 3 месяцы таму
How are u man? Are u enjoying it?
Raghu Ranganathan
Raghu Ranganathan 3 месяцы таму
This is still the funniest video game video ever made.
Designed 3 месяцы таму
*Puts No Man's Sky on garbage island* 3 years later...
Dai 大
Dai 大 3 месяцы таму
Malon 3 месяцы таму
Did you play it?
Eddie Vargas
Eddie Vargas 3 месяцы таму
just birdie
just birdie 3 месяцы таму
fun fact: if u see the title from far away it'll become USA
Vincent Romei
Vincent Romei 3 месяцы таму
personal opinion - this is your funniest video
orangeboi 33
orangeboi 33 3 месяцы таму
"Yes you should turn back in that part of the game" Never described lisa as acurately
フェリシア エロ
フェリシア エロ 3 месяцы таму
That Delin sample kind of heat
Apply Force Too Begin
Apply Force Too Begin 3 месяцы таму
Anyone know the song in the beginning?
Malon 3 месяцы таму
Summer love
Dr. Tex
Dr. Tex 3 месяцы таму
"How do I suicide my guy?" *Yeets off ledge with the bike*
Milk Man
Milk Man 3 месяцы таму
Nern is actually just explaining the Metal Gear storyline
Bryan !
Bryan ! 3 месяцы таму
This is the kinda sh!t I subbed for.
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