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20 Ліс 2020





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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 3 месяцы таму
Wow! Warms my dang heart to wake up and see so many people enjoying this. It took around 30-40 hours to make and it’s amazing to have that effort appreciated. Consider sticking around! There’ll be more animations to come as well as a wide variety of other things. Thanks for watching and love you!
Tuber Clips
Tuber Clips 2 дні таму
I love this art style.
New Eden
New Eden 3 дні таму
netflix. give this guy a show
Karan 4 дні таму
I love this kind of animation, really wish there was an entire series like this.
Suk Milley Tolfrend
Suk Milley Tolfrend 5 дзён таму
Thats just the daily life
farhadinho9 5 дзён таму
vinfinity 09
vinfinity 09 14 хвілін таму
this animation is so good it looks like you put some kind of effect over live-action
LeoUltima Upgraded
LeoUltima Upgraded 46 хвілін таму
Isn’t the rat Marshall the same rat some one made a meme about with him shooting the protagonist with a gun? Is this where he originated? Cuz he sure didn’t use his gun this time... Edit: ... I understand now
Mike Noob
Mike Noob Годину таму
Live A Life Oersted Anyone?
Helbram's Gibbs
Helbram's Gibbs Годину таму
i never see rat in the same way since this
Ziqq 3 години таму
oscar van as
oscar van as 3 години таму
New quest added to the Journal...Quest Failed
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 4 години таму
"UGH filthy rat!" is one of my favorite lines
DoABarrelRoll 5 годин таму
I definitely watched this in the wrong order.
Jaelski 7 годин таму
1:59 I like that in part 2, he isn't actually the greatest rat in the world. Lmao
post vurdi
post vurdi 7 годин таму
I feel like this could be an adult swim show
Caleb 10 годин таму
Very innovative
I Steal Content exe
I Steal Content exe 11 годин таму
This reminded me of my first time, I accidentally killed all the people in a village because one guy said something to me and as soon as I attacked him everyone rushed at me.
Wondering 13 годин таму
*quietly drinks more pickle juice*
Vincent Urquhart
Vincent Urquhart 13 годин таму
that guy is just sitting there crying about the dead rat and he doesn't know his son is dead yet.
AwakenGX 13 годин таму
titan Shawn
titan Shawn 14 годин таму
Man !! this giving me OG adult swim vibes😎👍👌
Stre Led
Stre Led 15 годин таму
I expected him to somehow lose against the rat
atnfn 15 годин таму
Weird, anyone have any clue what might have happend to the rat and the ghoulish looking son? Strange.
Nielle Zan
Nielle Zan 15 годин таму
*H U Z Z A H ! ! !*
Ryleigh Poodle
Ryleigh Poodle 16 годин таму
This was fantastic and I'm glad to have subscribed
Bruno Martins de França
Bruno Martins de França 16 годин таму
Its ESO from my point of view
Roleplaying Pain
Roleplaying Pain 16 годин таму
rotoscoping is fucking overpowered as shit
matt 17 годин таму
Do more please
Justin Urhead
Justin Urhead 17 годин таму
Anybody else watch this vid entirely through subtitles via the BYdown preview thumbnail?
Bakunawa BenHierro
Bakunawa BenHierro 17 годин таму
this is funny shit :D make more please.... i will sub and all my 2 friends will sub too....
Habit 18 годин таму
The "Ok wha-what does he look like" @2:30 fucking kills me everytime
Sershon 20 годин таму
This should be a game on steam, same style animation and graphics, with the same humor, plot twists and awkward moments.
chultae 123
chultae 123 21 годину таму
Antoni Kudlicki
Antoni Kudlicki 22 години таму
activism be like
TheGamingComrade 22 години таму
"F*ck this I'm restarting the game."
Stewart Mullings
Stewart Mullings 22 години таму
A video game where you actually turn out to be the ignorant villain would be cool. And not as a surprise ending. You come to the realisation like halfway or three quarters through and then have to deal with the consequences or make things right.
Catast 23 години таму
If there is no important quest then pillage and kill
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck Дзень таму
This guy is good enough to get Boris and Ethereal Snake to watch his vids. I hope someday more people will watch my channel.
John O
John O Дзень таму
I like the simplistic art style. Reminds me of oldschool runescape. You often end up making things worse on your quests in that game too.
Mark K.
Mark K. Дзень таму
More content like this, please!
Born to be good
Born to be good Дзень таму
or they just say *kills everyone in the world*
Hego Damask
Hego Damask Дзень таму
No one: The sword, spear and bow hero:
Epic!Sans Gaming
Epic!Sans Gaming Дзень таму
that's why rpgs have save and load system
Evan Koyongian
Evan Koyongian Дзень таму
山内淳カイル Дзень таму
The way the ghoul looks at him kills me everytime.
Kenneth See
Kenneth See Дзень таму
Haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Good stuff!
Nut Ringos
Nut Ringos Дзень таму
I love how the adventurers voice and demeanor totally changes after finding out about the town rat lol
Giovanni Garcia
Giovanni Garcia Дзень таму
No ho ho ho ho
zherean Дзень таму
midieviel town with no name
Lebaneser Scrooge
Lebaneser Scrooge Дзень таму
Oh I get it. This is one of those videos where you keep waiting for it to be funny, but it's never funny, and that's what's funny?
Aaron Claypool
Aaron Claypool Дзень таму
I got the biggest kick out of seeing the name of the town "TOWNTON". Don't know why.
kiroisawesome Дзень таму
That poor ghoul
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett Дзень таму
OMG I laughed my ass off!!
lukch Дзень таму
This was gold
shepherd_b0y Дзень таму
If I get another pet rat, I'm naming them Marshal!
Anthony Amaya
Anthony Amaya Дзень таму
is this on green screen? these r actually funny XD
Blake Allen
Blake Allen Дзень таму
Marshall is evil doe
Erin Michelle
Erin Michelle Дзень таму
“That’s Marshall on the poster?” That line was read with the perfect amount of “oh crap”
Hatronaut Дзень таму
This was genuinely sad for me and depressing, you did a good job though!
LibertasVeritatis Дзень таму
i cracked up laughing
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson Дзень таму
Now this would be an excellent isekai anime. The dude reincarnates into an overpowered body in an entirely peaceful world and ends up becoming the villain on accident.
Shady Дзень таму
This is sad
Kevin Дзень таму
There's something extremely funny to me about the old guy keeping his hands in his pockets the entire time, even when he's mourning Marshall
Perkaholic Zombies76
Perkaholic Zombies76 Дзень таму
This is a direct joke on Skyrim
The Goose in the room
The Goose in the room Дзень таму
PickleYoda Дзень таму
This is golden
A B 2 дні таму
When will there be more, I love this!
Owen Blas
Owen Blas 2 дні таму
The [bad ending]
Karish 2 дні таму
Oh no poor Marshall! Ahahahahhahahahahahaha
SamuCanna 2 дні таму
As soon as he asked about his son... we knew where that was going
Aidan Rogers
Aidan Rogers 2 дні таму
When you fucked up the D.M’s entire campaign:
Catholic Defender
Catholic Defender 2 дні таму
Now this is the type of subversion I'm into
6 2 дні таму
A bit more ghoulish
Patate Potato
Patate Potato 2 дні таму
No ... Marshal ... No , he was the greatest rat in the world , what an angel ... his beautiful little eyes .... YEAH TILL HE GOT A GUN 🤣
Patate Potato
Patate Potato 2 дні таму
We want more of the knight adventures !
Patate Potato
Patate Potato Дзень таму
Why not making a 3st restart where you killed the rat , but not the son , and the son now became evil haha or try to avenge the rat death 😂
Eyon Rafuse
Eyon Rafuse 2 дні таму
poor marshall
The Kodex
The Kodex 2 дні таму
No... Watch the sequel
Twig XO
Twig XO 2 дні таму
tigtone 2 lookin p slick
MellowJelly 2 дні таму
The man's crying truly made me feel bad but also laugh so much hahahah "a murder most foul"
funy0n 2 дні таму
how is this animation done?
The Kodex
The Kodex 2 дні таму
Look on his channel
quaker47 2 дні таму
I feel very bad for marshal
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 2 дні таму
At first I didnt really like this style but this video is so funny. I love it!
Commander Apollo
Commander Apollo 2 дні таму
Andrea 2 дні таму
HoodedSoul 2 дні таму
rip marshall 2020/2020
Dener Witt
Dener Witt 2 дні таму
what are the odds tho
Catastropheshe 2 дні таму
0:29 this whole dialogue 🤣
Chingam Fong
Chingam Fong 2 дні таму
Moral: don't start a kill everyone run and not finish it
Tuber Clips
Tuber Clips 2 дні таму
I love this art style.
I hate Furries
I hate Furries 2 дні таму
At least he feels bad about it
Jesus Espinar
Jesus Espinar 2 дні таму
That's (almost) literally what it happened once to Paul McCartney and George Harrison, but not with a rat but two spiders. Here Paul tells the story: bydown.info/nick/v-d-a/nLOqsYKef6-vm5Y.html
CodaCooper 2 дні таму
This made me laugh to the point I almost passed out
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack 2 дні таму
You’re my favorite youtuber.
Adam Rowan
Adam Rowan 3 дні таму
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It has a holy grail sort of feel. And I love the effects! Poor sweet Marshal!😂
Sosuk 3 дні таму
Still better than 90% of Netflix
Kings. Art.420
Kings. Art.420 3 дні таму
Bruh you might wanna restart the game
Shahrul Aiman
Shahrul Aiman 3 дні таму
If I were him I would've load up a quicksave or checkpoint or whatever. Edit : Nvm he did load it up in the next episode lol.
Qurtur 3 дні таму
You consider pitching this to Adult Swim?
Cyber 117
Cyber 117 3 дні таму
You can load your save
henrik 3 дні таму
TheSeventhChild 3 дні таму
The expression on the 'ghoul' before getting attacked is so good
-- 3 дні таму
im honestly feeling so sad for the old man
PuLs_off _PaiN
PuLs_off _PaiN 3 дні таму
Noobs in the Game😂😂😂👍🏻
Caspiav1 3 дні таму
I'm naming my next rat Marshall
Rez 3 дні таму
damn, is this animated or Mocapped?.. what type of animations is this?
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