Playing As Myself In Hearts of Iron 4 in 2021 (NEW Alex the Rambler HOI4 Mod) 

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Today I will be playing as myself in Hearts of Iron 4 as a new Alex the Rambler mod has been released in 2021. Can I save the world and reunite the kingdoms?
Mod: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2355716324&searchtext=
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14 Стд 2021





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Alex The Rambler!
Alex The Rambler! Месяц таму
*Keep an eye out for a cameo from the editor!*
TEM 24 дні таму
PurpleDevil R
PurpleDevil R Месяц таму
Should’ve titled it as playing with yourself.
IsaiahXD Месяц таму
Alex rename urself Alex the great
Chaos Thierry
Chaos Thierry Месяц таму
Did we see Alex's sex face when he discovered he controlled the Falkland Islands?
Chaos Thierry
Chaos Thierry Месяц таму
We're slowly getting Mirror Universe Alex the Rambler back!
Ben Simmons Is the best
Ben Simmons Is the best 6 дзён таму
i think hes played this but its edited
The 99th Rogue
The 99th Rogue 7 дзён таму
"Royal republic " Um what.
Dat mufn
Dat mufn 9 дзён таму
When you post a comment and it doesn’t say “One month ago”
areZ 11 дзён таму
5:58 Bilal Goregen :D
BlueBaron 14 дзён таму
Griffin Walden
Griffin Walden 20 дзён таму
Play with drew with this mod
Connor COVENTRY 20 дзён таму
More like Annex the Rambler
Big Boy J
Big Boy J 20 дзён таму
Yeah I'd rather be controlled by you than Italy.
Koy Fogg
Koy Fogg 22 дні таму
Can you play as Monarchist UK and form the Imperial Federation.
Gustav Kuriga
Gustav Kuriga 22 дні таму
The event only gave you claims, if you had read the focus you would have seen that. Since you chose democratic party, you can't justify on people who haven't caused world tension. You screwed yourself.
Jacob Briscoe
Jacob Briscoe 24 дні таму
I love how he has to hire a Girlfriend
TEM 24 дні таму
Old Reliable
Old Reliable 27 дзён таму
Dont blaspheme
LOL KING 28 дзён таму
Alex is isp a cheater
cаmень Месяц таму
bri`ish man playing on canada
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
Your vids are just chill bro I love em
KiddieFox Месяц таму
Thick rambler
Theresa Linder
Theresa Linder Месяц таму
Caleb Knoll
Caleb Knoll Месяц таму
Starting off in my province? Never been so proud
Rewasder Месяц таму
The mod is actually quite well made to be honest, I expected it to be very lame, but it is, in fact, very detailed.
Alt F4
Alt F4 Месяц таму
Sierra Alpha
Sierra Alpha Месяц таму
cluck Месяц таму
holy shit i live in his kingdom, come to victoria bc!
Isaiah Gehrz
Isaiah Gehrz Месяц таму
If you run out of ideas you should do civ 6
Lars Falgren
Lars Falgren Месяц таму
ya man isnt as good...
Daniel Zavala
Daniel Zavala Месяц таму
this is alex’s redemption arc
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper Месяц таму
As a person living in The Duchy of New Ramblikistan, I support this fully and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Antoni Polski
Antoni Polski Месяц таму
Rahimullah Qazi
Rahimullah Qazi Месяц таму
You should get tea sponsorship.
buddy Месяц таму
Yo they made Kaiserreich into a real mod
Allen Orange
Allen Orange Месяц таму
Alex: I'm gonna stand up Also Alex: Shrinks
Darkwolf BetaAlpha
Darkwolf BetaAlpha Месяц таму
Guthak10Movie Месяц таму
he's no longer a boy, he's a *MAN*
n1uk Месяц таму
Alex your moustache is looking quite dapper lad just like my 15 year old moustache that took me 2 weeks to grow, Regardless greetings from Newfoundland Brother!
Hawks Nebula
Hawks Nebula Месяц таму
Peep Show reference ayyy 5:07
Antun Sušić
Antun Sušić Месяц таму
There wasnt taureor in this mod, that's a pity
Dwarfsayingwtf Месяц таму
i'm only 1:30 min in but I'm already laughing. Good Job Alex. Keep up the good work
JaggedToaster 30
JaggedToaster 30 Месяц таму
Alex you should play time machine USA! It just came out, it's about if the 2020 USA went back in time to 1936!
• 。 。 ඞ 。 . • • 。 White was not the impostor
Imagine you need to see your king about political stuff and you just see him with a desk and screaming at a monitor....
Game Attack
Game Attack Месяц таму
yoo where is the goatee i haven't been watching for a while
ElrondOfRivendell Месяц таму
Been playing a bit of this mod myself and i can say that its great.
ApfelkönigHD Месяц таму
I played with the mod yesterday: Germany had an Civilwar and created an Monarchie themself Best Nation had an Communist Civilwar Portugal had an Communist Civilwar and the UK became an Monarchy and conquert Ireland before I could. I thought the mod kinda influenced Country decision but nope. Just normal AI here.
theRaxs00 Месяц таму
EagleLord117 Месяц таму
Reject Ya Man. Return to Yah Boi.
blood Angel 423
blood Angel 423 Месяц таму
Long live the KING (from the falklands)
Connie Cruz
Connie Cruz Месяц таму
They forgot drew the 100% defense buff when neutral!
Rose Hites
Rose Hites Месяц таму
I just got this mod lol
Beck Hoglin
Beck Hoglin Месяц таму
Vancouver gang wya
Elias Stenman
Elias Stenman Месяц таму
”Rambling Royal Republic” Yes, because republics are famous for their royalty
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf 12 дзён таму
Ah yes republic
Mitchell Line
Mitchell Line Месяц таму
Dutch Republic sweats nervously
Coffee Succubus
Coffee Succubus Месяц таму
Ah yes, a mod to stroke your ego since you're a celeberty
jacen cade
jacen cade Месяц таму
Look that BYdownr watches this BYdownr
FedralBI Месяц таму
Anyone else think that the idea of beardless Alex ruling a Kingdom is pretty terrifying?
Tyler Blount
Tyler Blount Месяц таму
I’ve seen Russia break out and win because they joined the axis
Th3Bon3Crush3r Месяц таму
J wally
J wally Месяц таму
He is becoming Canadian 4:37
Jet 2798
Jet 2798 Месяц таму
Holy shit a decent sized BYdownr shouted out victoria and the lower mainland - pog
aaronfischer21 Месяц таму
Algo comment
Matt M
Matt M Месяц таму
The Surrender Guys, ROFLMAO
Tommy Thärning
Tommy Thärning Месяц таму
So happy to see Alex after his return to Canada, its a real delight to see him back to his usual self. Canada is a hell of a drugh eh?
Xanos Knightshade
Xanos Knightshade Месяц таму
I still have my old Pokemon collection. Like, back from 1998.
Vardhan V.
Vardhan V. Месяц таму
How can a country be both a republic and a kingdom at the same time?
kenneth van munster
kenneth van munster Месяц таму
"I keep forgetting it is my channel and i can do what i want" press like just for that sentence and the smile with what it was said.
HONG Месяц таму
7:19 is that the self blinding teacup?
ODSTGodzilla Месяц таму
@alex Manitoba is Flat in Southern Part and Swampy / Hilly in the North
Vlad Alexandru Catalin
Vlad Alexandru Catalin Месяц таму
Bruh Age of a New beginning failed to be spotted by the King...
Matt Месяц таму
Annex the rambler mod!!!
Cekrom Месяц таму
6:05 Wonderful =D
Don't watch my short's
Don't watch my short's Месяц таму
Wait wheres your beard
andrew 561
andrew 561 Месяц таму
can i bought fly into ramblering royal republic
Frosted Pizza
Frosted Pizza Месяц таму
hey alex could you try and stream a multi player eu4 game with your fans?
HomieAppleTree Месяц таму
nice teddy bear alex
ciandevreeze 218
ciandevreeze 218 Месяц таму
Shout out to the mod creator who did an amazing job. How he managed to epitomise the alex the rambler channel is amazing. It must have taken a lot of work
Likes_Too_172 Месяц таму
Alex, you are already on my desktop! :-) :-*
Zonny Tiger
Zonny Tiger Месяц таму
lookin good alex!
TheEveningsWatch Месяц таму
2:34 you forgot to censor hitler's face
Raffaele Di Vora
Raffaele Di Vora Месяц таму
"The Rambling Royal Republic" had me crying from laughter for a good minute 😂😂
The Eraser
The Eraser Месяц таму
I actually forgot about the giddy aunt before I saw this video
David guzman
David guzman Месяц таму
"Ramblering royal republic" that is pretty missleading aint it
Vogelkinder Месяц таму
Crimson Ghost
Crimson Ghost Месяц таму
"you've got whistler and Pemberton" *points to where Kamloops and Prince George are* 🤣 Just ragging on ya! Big fan! I'm 4 hours away from Vancouver in Kamloops :) lovely little town. Come visit when the restrictions are lifted! I will defend the interior for you!!
Minecraft Guys
Minecraft Guys Месяц таму
Italy always wants the Scottish Highlands in my games. Probably for Scapa Flow so they think they are good with naval stuffs. ;D
Sweegzzz Месяц таму
Congraguations you played yourself
kaktus Месяц таму
So playing with yourself it is
Aonghas McTavish
Aonghas McTavish Месяц таму
Good lord you know a decent amount of bc. I live on the island and will become an ace in your air force.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Месяц таму
Drew said he would play it! I really hope he does
Noah Jones
Noah Jones Месяц таму
Annex* the Rambler
Ryan Craig
Ryan Craig Месяц таму
I think we should see a Round 2 electric boogaloo of Tommy vs Rambler
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez Месяц таму
It grows!
Caomhan l
Caomhan l Месяц таму
*Downloads mods* Objective: Annex the Rambler
Kaiser Sapoto I.
Kaiser Sapoto I. Месяц таму
now i wanna see your pokemon cards
TonywithGaming Месяц таму
Alex your hairline is so far back the french couldn't retreat that far in their dreams.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Месяц таму
as united states release Hawaii and as Hawaii take over the united states
Chicken Pancake
Chicken Pancake Месяц таму
0:55 oh my that look
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Месяц таму
Genuine question, what is the song from 6:00? 😂
DD Месяц таму
Alex please rock the Lenin look with a shaved head and a goatee
xmxfire Месяц таму
There should be a mod of all popular hoi4 youtubers and the youtubers play as there own nation into some multiplayer game
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Месяц таму
The bit with matt 😂
Edu BVB Месяц таму
Moya Delany
Moya Delany Месяц таму
It is a great mod I have it by the way great video been watching you for four years KEEP IT UP
Nmp 39
Nmp 39 Месяц таму
Oh my goodness that's totally not where I live
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