POV you just turned on the History Channel for the first time in 15 years 

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Do not try what you're about to see at home.
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16 Лют 2021





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Mati Panzer
Mati Panzer 14 годин таму
it is both hilarious and depressing how accurate it is
perkelebled 14 годин таму
Ohh, this is good ice.
bizmonkey007 Дзень таму
The writing, shooting and editing is perfect. Good job, man
2012 should have been the apocalypse
Almost forgot to watch this today
Chris Van Woert
Chris Van Woert Дзень таму
0:47 I have the sudden urge to assemble a poorly designed rocket
SleepDepJoel1 Дзень таму
Fun fact: this was originally a geological survey before is became a successful BYdown series.
sdrawkcabenniroc Дзень таму
I've watched this so many times and every time it makes me laugh.
HonorNecris Дзень таму
We men can be simple creatures, all we need is a rotten tree and we can entertain for hours.
Maxxy Manny
Maxxy Manny 3 дні таму
Every once in a while we get a cool documentary like Men Who Built America.
Phillip Biros
Phillip Biros 4 дні таму
At 1:00 you can see him turn away to hide his smile
Philippe Bouchard
Philippe Bouchard 5 дзён таму
There's so much original stuff on youtube it's insane
Linz Crow
Linz Crow 5 дзён таму
I hate this... but also... there is definitely a reason I stopped watching History, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc.... Those were my childhood. And then they failed. I understand why/how that happened, but I truly hate that it did happen.
Melisa Tamez
Melisa Tamez 6 дзён таму
This feels like 3 hours
William Fielding
William Fielding 6 дзён таму
dude this is probably one of the funniest videos on BYdown
LAD LAD 6 дзён таму
welp! this is going onto my favorite videos playlist!
Twitchymeat 6 дзён таму
Just waiting for the day they change the name of the channel to something more accurate. Might I suggest: Shit.
Shxrtie Edits
Shxrtie Edits 6 дзён таму
i would literally watch this whole series
ziggity69 7 дзён таму
The KSP VBA music is so perfect at the start.
TheAnimeKing01 7 дзён таму
Id watch a full series of this
Chiara Merlo
Chiara Merlo 7 дзён таму
Simbach Vazo
Simbach Vazo 7 дзён таму
The best parts: They're reasonable They're both married and still best friends This is accurate
Zmanwarrior 7 дзён таму
That poor fucking tree.
Chocolate Ex
Chocolate Ex 8 дзён таму
I'm glad youtube recommended this channel.
Eric Yamaguti Nunes
Eric Yamaguti Nunes 8 дзён таму
The tall mafia bearded guy(trent lenkarsky) reminds me of butch cassidy... probably his son?
Ben Grinter
Ben Grinter 8 дзён таму
So we all agree this television style is lazy and soulless and shouldn't happen?
AMS 8 дзён таму
this is too accurate
ValensBellator 9 дзён таму
Stunningly accurate. Only thing you missed was dragging out the sandwich question for another 50 minutes or so 😂
Brien 9 дзён таму
Im looking for TLC and instead I got the History Channel.
JB 9 дзён таму
My sister's merjor was history in kerllege so I'm not cermfortable with how my fervrite nertwerk is pertrayed here. You gerys should know bertter.
Davy OD
Davy OD 9 дзён таму
Omg hahahaha this is sooo accurate
TheTyphoon365 10 дзён таму
This is too true
Sarah Fields
Sarah Fields 10 дзён таму
skater dog
skater dog 10 дзён таму
This is too accurate..
Gustavo Vasconcelos
Gustavo Vasconcelos 11 дзён таму
At least H2 has actual historical stuff. History is 100% bs nowadays.
Mango 11 дзён таму
One of our family activities is to watch Forged in fire
REChronic54 11 дзён таму
Seriously 😂 and why is it always in the snow?? Lol
PLK 11 дзён таму
Minter best
p. body
p. body 11 дзён таму
Beeg Star
Beeg Star 11 дзён таму
The part where they pack up and leave at the slightest inconvenience was a nice touch
Scott Kenney
Scott Kenney 11 дзён таму
The editing is spot on for any reality show. Dialogue is spot on. Plot is spot on. This is ready for cable.
Oliver YT
Oliver YT 11 дзён таму
Unfortunately those kinds of US made shows swapt over to Europe many years ago.. So we also have to suffer... One word: TLC
Jason McEwan
Jason McEwan 12 дзён таму
I'd fucking watch this
Jim 12 дзён таму
This is soooo good, I'm really looking forward to another Ice Guys!
Volt Siano
Volt Siano 12 дзён таму
Accurate. Scarily so.
bcary461 13 дзён таму
This is ridiculously realistic. Don't know why they call it the history channel
jaami mock
jaami mock 13 дзён таму
I’ve never seen this channel in my life, I saw the first 4 seconds and subscribed
Clappin Cheeks
Clappin Cheeks 13 дзён таму
Why is this so accurate?
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins 13 дзён таму
The funny thing is i havent seen cable tv in like 10 years. So i have no idea how accurate this is.....
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 13 дзён таму
why is this so real
Mavi Ülke'nin Prensi
Mavi Ülke'nin Prensi 13 дзён таму
Coming Up Next: Gay Alien Hunters
Life Balance
Life Balance 13 дзён таму
This is history??? What on earth is going on over there?
The Parmesan Don
The Parmesan Don 13 дзён таму
The channel is History...literally👎💩
Teste Teste
Teste Teste 14 дзён таму
Some one from Zarkflappedsheep? Just me? Ok.
CIA 14 дзён таму
What is the name of the music at the beginning?
Felox 14 дзён таму
It took me 50 seconds to realize this wasn't an actual show
ZHXVMW 14 дзён таму
This is so accurate
HOOman BEEing
HOOman BEEing 14 дзён таму
i c e
Josef V
Josef V 14 дзён таму
Big opportunity missed when you didn't name the show Ice Queens
Goose mafia Spy
Goose mafia Spy 15 дзён таму
I actually wanna watch this lmao. Sounds hilarious, Bart and Dinkis on ice.
Evaluate TheMind
Evaluate TheMind 15 дзён таму
That music reminded me of kerbal space program
Ioan Tarniceru
Ioan Tarniceru 15 дзён таму
No aliens ? No storage wars? No history not that accurate 😂
ShiroHagam3 15 дзён таму
You're channel is the best thing to come out of 2020 ❤😂
hefty glorps
hefty glorps 15 дзён таму
wow that patrons list. seeing the difference from 2019, good job.
nayankonwar_ 15 дзён таму
This is some good shit right here
Anwesha Hazra
Anwesha Hazra 16 дзён таму
Duncan+Barth one icy couple
Woosler 16 дзён таму
Every single "woosh" & "swoosh" made me giggle.
David 777
David 777 16 дзён таму
Snowback mountain
Ice Mario
Ice Mario 16 дзён таму
I'm not reading off the name list anymore, this is a bit of a tangent, but I do like to eat out of a bowl on the ground every Th
Fleur M
Fleur M 16 дзён таму
I want to watch this haha
Team Cyborg
Team Cyborg 17 дзён таму
I ship it
GrimJack Gaming
GrimJack Gaming 17 дзён таму
"We take a lot of risks making this show, and sometimes... we don't."
Jocey Lynn
Jocey Lynn 17 дзён таму
The us bands national championship patch is an incredible touch
Dark Vendar
Dark Vendar 17 дзён таму
Trent reminds me alot of Schroder from Warpzone
AmatureMenace 18 дзён таму
Joel... the editor for this deserves a raise.
AmatureMenace 17 дзён таму
@Joel Haver You're one talented guy. Well then.. a raise awaits you.. HAZAAAAA.
Joel Haver
Joel Haver 17 дзён таму
I edit everything on the channel! I’ll let me know :)
kimuseni 18 дзён таму
Jenness W
Jenness W 18 дзён таму
My favorite line is “my sweet honey pie Bart is cold” 😂
AnbaLen 18 дзён таму
When you viscerally feel the familiarity of those edits and even the speaking tones, you realise you’ve seen way too many of these.
MyLifeAsMarya 19 дзён таму
/ 19 дзён таму
I miss when history channel would do medieval stuff then it just went downhill with the sci-fi
Sean Avery
Sean Avery 19 дзён таму
If someone told me this was a real show on the History Channel and sent me the trailer for it then I would believe them.
Bobby Bays
Bobby Bays 19 дзён таму
Ricky grew a beard and dyed his hair. Good to see he got out of Sunnyvale
TheKiss 19 дзён таму
History Channel would NEVER feature a gay couple but otherwise, yes
Voxel Verse
Voxel Verse 19 дзён таму
Where is the next episode?
Johnny Klasing
Johnny Klasing 19 дзён таму
Should've included a dramatic cliff hanger leading to a commercial but when it returns literally nothing dramatic happens
Edgy Space Unicorn
Edgy Space Unicorn 19 дзён таму
That ending was so cute though.
F Parnaby
F Parnaby 19 дзён таму
Music is stunningly accurate! Plinky strings in the 'quirky' moments, thundering drums in the dramatic bits....
Xavier McKinnon
Xavier McKinnon 19 дзён таму
Living in Canada:
fysh fishy
fysh fishy 20 дзён таму
Dennis Snider
Dennis Snider 20 дзён таму
And like 95% of most history channel “reality shows” last for one season only to be played on a Saturday during sporting events or summertime
7\ Bluzii
7\ Bluzii 20 дзён таму
this is so accurate 😂
Dwrkgrn 20 дзён таму
Accuracy channel 400%
Cory L
Cory L 20 дзён таму
this is accurate all the way down to the edit style lol
Eric Pabon
Eric Pabon 20 дзён таму
Sre X
Sre X 21 дзень таму
Why dis has better gay representation than any mainstream media?
Yayo The Jowen
Yayo The Jowen 21 дзень таму
I wouldn't be surprised if this was aired in History one day.
Jackson Rampage
Jackson Rampage 21 дзень таму
Holy shit there is a massive message here lol. I know some people who blow up at the smallest things that could just use that XD
murphdogg 21 дзень таму
this is quality footage
WitherLord888 21 дзень таму
Zapp Brannigan83
Zapp Brannigan83 21 дзень таму
I demand a Polynesian equivalent filmed in Hawaii called Volcano Bro's.
Cola Decker
Cola Decker 21 дзень таму
frighteningly accurate
I'm not proud of what I did.
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