The Bachelor but with monkeys 

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30 monkeys, 1 monkey, monkey.
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Alec Koff - About Motivation
Wings by Nicolai Heidlas www.hooksounds.com/​
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Alec Koff - Black Bird
Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)
Year: 2021
Title: Secretum

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26 Лют 2021





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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Месяц таму
Thanks to anthpo for hosting! Check out his video “every episode of Drake and Josh” where I had the honor of playing Josh Nichols, one of my five idols - bydown.info/nick/v-d-a/aJ3Rr3ifrJaYooA.html
the spy from tf2
the spy from tf2 3 дні таму
Le monke
Jonnie Walker
Jonnie Walker Месяц таму
make this a series please!!!!
Player _
Player _ Месяц таму
More monkeys makes the already good video better.
Gospel Bearer
Gospel Bearer Месяц таму
How do you get away with plagiarism and copyrights?
Finn the cursed human
Finn the cursed human Месяц таму
Bels 6 хвілін таму
Interdimensional Cable!!
DarkAshelin 13 годин таму
yes I can see Joel's personality really come to live in these
UndeadStalker117 15 годин таму
return to monke
CJ3M Дзень таму
Sims 2 castaway
The Duke Of Dorks
The Duke Of Dorks Дзень таму
I always lose it at 1:46
_M O N K E_
wyverncult 3 дні таму
i quote this everyday
the spy from tf2
the spy from tf2 3 дні таму
Zemock 5 дзён таму
Verifieds whenever they see a new J Haver video: INHALE
Lennart Proost
Lennart Proost 5 дзён таму
Aw man i would love watching this hahahaha
ukaslekelvin 6 дзён таму
Monkey Monkey *Unknown*
Lynxzen 6 дзён таму
Arctic Monkeys
Yeetmeister 7 дзён таму
I have never watched The Bachelor, but I assume this is much better.
Spectralniy 7 дзён таму
And if you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing changed at all~
Raven Funderburg
Raven Funderburg 7 дзён таму
Raven Funderburg
Raven Funderburg 7 дзён таму
I was hoping for some monkey poo toss.
Sans Peter Griffin
Sans Peter Griffin 8 дзён таму
Reject humanity return to monke
Killian Finch
Killian Finch 8 дзён таму
Surprisingly accurate to the real show
gucci flip flop no game
gucci flip flop no game 9 дзён таму
Johnson Supply
Johnson Supply 9 дзён таму
30 monkeys. 1 monkey. You’re watching... monkey.
cool doby
cool doby 9 дзён таму
Clickbait title
Lewo Momo
Lewo Momo 9 дзён таму
helloworld 10 дзён таму
Isn't it illegal to upload a whole unedited episode of a tv show on BYdown?
Shruthi Maniyodath
Shruthi Maniyodath 10 дзён таму
How did I somehow recognise that voice and face...? 😅
Unrelenting Facts
Unrelenting Facts 10 дзён таму
So just the bachelor then?
OneTwo 10 дзён таму
I cant stop watching this
Mottis 10 дзён таму
Man I was totally expecting the monkey to eat the Banana instead of giving it to anyone.
Michael 11 дзён таму
This is more entertaining than the actual show.
Skyler Lowthorpe
Skyler Lowthorpe 11 дзён таму
I don't see a difference.
Skochko !
Skochko ! 11 дзён таму
Wtf xD
Tre Semme
Tre Semme 11 дзён таму
When he looks in at the end with approval hahaha
ape man monkey
ape man monkey 11 дзён таму
Wat i see is scary. But wat i not see is also scary
Joseph Hanson
Joseph Hanson 11 дзён таму
is anyone else here from a meme video
Bo Peep
Bo Peep 12 дзён таму
Please realease the original video that you used. Also I want to see the season finale of the show!
Jason L. Petersen
Jason L. Petersen 12 дзён таму
I always wondered what "the Bachelor" was based off of. I have now found my answer.
Aaron Dickson
Aaron Dickson 12 дзён таму
Fres 13 дзён таму
Lil Bored X would love this
Chandler Whitchurch
Chandler Whitchurch 13 дзён таму
Dude, adult swim needs to pick this sh*t UP
LifeyRoi 13 дзён таму
Heh-heh. Monke.
Jacob Gillund
Jacob Gillund 13 дзён таму
Never seen the Bachelor. Don’t intend to. This’ll do.
Manuel Hapunkt
Manuel Hapunkt 13 дзён таму
Very nice use of ebsynth!
ZOCCOK 13 дзён таму
Monke: Ohhh....Ahhhh... BYdown Captions: Ahh yes.... Music
Jeremy Kento
Jeremy Kento 13 дзён таму
I honestly don’t see a single difference between this and the real Bachelor
BrunoHiram 14 дзён таму
my favorite contestant was monkey
Akilah Thompson
Akilah Thompson 14 дзён таму
I don't know why, but the part at 1:03 did it for me😂😂🤣
uneyekor 14 дзён таму
this has got to be one of my most favorite films by joel, my goodness
Gabe Petersen
Gabe Petersen 15 дзён таму
This made me cry
berke okur
berke okur 15 дзён таму
Mmm... Monkey.
Play at 2x speed.
Play at 2x speed. 15 дзён таму
A month later and I still think about how this vid should have called them apes and not monkeys. Yes I know saying "monkeys" is funnier
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming 15 дзён таму
I need to know which monkey got the Banana
Matthew Jennings
Matthew Jennings 15 дзён таму
This video makes me irrationally happy.
Adam Foley
Adam Foley 15 дзён таму
Damn, when are you releasing the finals?
TheSink 15 дзён таму
Mind Over Manners Productions
Mind Over Manners Productions 16 дзён таму
basically still the same show
M. A. Packer
M. A. Packer 16 дзён таму
I don't see much difference
Indra Blackthorne
Indra Blackthorne 17 дзён таму
This is what I feel like I’m watching when forced to watch the Bachelor or really any dating show and honestly most reality shows. Just give me a good pre reality show documentary show please.
The meme bird
The meme bird 17 дзён таму
Mmm, monke
Here and Genderqueer.
Here and Genderqueer. 17 дзён таму
Reddit sent me
THATGUYMH3pro 17 дзён таму
Sir those are not monkeys, they are the australopithecus
mYthOs 17 дзён таму
Is there no tail in this?
Kuper Spyronic
Kuper Spyronic 18 дзён таму
Go back, I want to be MONKE
Nicole Alexander
Nicole Alexander 18 дзён таму
I need a copy of Beethoven monkey to hang in my living room
idontnowwhatimdoing 18 дзён таму
18 дзён таму
this is actually better than the bachelor
Goat Warrior
Goat Warrior 18 дзён таму
Somewhere out there, an obese blue haired womxn is trying to figure out a way to get this cancelled.
Youtube University
Youtube University 19 дзён таму
Called him Kevin.
Asa Hoffman
Asa Hoffman 19 дзён таму
did anyone else get here from call me kevin's video
David Moran
David Moran 19 дзён таму
This show.....just....hilarious. Joel is my favorite person
MegaMetEXE 20 дзён таму
Nyanners needs to see this
Emilienne Casseus
Emilienne Casseus 20 дзён таму
Aren't you gonna get claimed? Why did you just put up a bachelor episode?
mentally challenged gyro
mentally challenged gyro 20 дзён таму
the greatest show on network television
Salvador Loera
Salvador Loera 20 дзён таму
I need the bts
Hype Lock
Hype Lock 20 дзён таму
Haha M O N K E Y go hee hoo
OddTomato 20 дзён таму
Theory: These are just short white guys with fur glued to their bodies.
eileen58 20 дзён таму
I downloaded this and watch it whenever I feel sad...so been watching it daily for the last month. Still not tired of it.
SeekerPsycho1 21 дзень таму
well this is a thing we all watched XD
blue slav
blue slav 21 дзень таму
I have return to oooo ahhh woooo woooo OOOOooO WOOoOOO hohoho ea EA! Wooooooooo
PuzzlePuddles 21 дзень таму
Aer 21 дзень таму
i like that part when they said. *hohohohuhu.* and that part when they said *AaaAaaAea*
Neozzick Mixes
Neozzick Mixes 21 дзень таму
2021 a youtube odyssey
Engage in spiritual WAR
Engage in spiritual WAR 21 дзень таму
When the batchelor switches over to the BET channel
ebin 21 дзень таму
monke :)
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 21 дзень таму
this is literally interdimensional cable
Tommy Two-Tone
Tommy Two-Tone 22 дні таму
This is the most transcendent comedy I've seen in so long
Kevin O Riordan
Kevin O Riordan 22 дні таму
Imagine your neighbor walking by and hears this as your filming
I Divide By Zero
I Divide By Zero 22 дні таму
Look, you can’t just play 2:09 of the ACTUAL “The Bachelor” show and use a different title. That’s really unoriginal.
Durval Lacerda
Durval Lacerda 22 дні таму
This is borderline experimental.
papiyankee11 22 дні таму
When liberals manage to start a "black safespace" version of The Bachelor
Connor Reichardt
Connor Reichardt 21 дзень таму
What the fuck?
Chris S
Chris S 23 дні таму
Mobile Task Force Epsilon 11
Mobile Task Force Epsilon 11 23 дні таму
I really want a show out of this
Anthony Notarnicola
Anthony Notarnicola 23 дні таму
Watching this channel while high is just fucking wild.
Hamoud98 23 дні таму
Nicholas Stancel
Nicholas Stancel 23 дні таму
Indistinguishable from the actual show.
I'm not Felix
I'm not Felix 23 дні таму
"The batchelor"
coffee and biscuits
coffee and biscuits 23 дні таму
This channel is amazing.
CreTo Productions
CreTo Productions 24 дні таму
Ancient tv show from our ancientral anthropods revealed in secret tape hidden in tomb
Niall Seed
Niall Seed 24 дні таму
I could see myself actually watching a full season of this shit and that thought scares me
Meromorphic 24 дні таму
This is very monkey
El Bee
El Bee 24 дні таму
I've never been more disturbed and intrigued at the same time
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