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Jay and Mike dive into the underappreciated 1988 remake of The Blob! Starring that guy from Entourage, that girl from Saw, the homeless guy from that other movie, and a bunch of other people you kind of recognize but don't know from where. It's The Blob!!!




15 Стд 2021





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Beluga_ Soup
Beluga_ Soup 12 годин таму
35:02 wtf
TheAngryDanishViking 23 години таму
A great movie can be forgiven it's effects if they just haven't been able to age well. A bad movie can't be forgiven for having acceptable effects on RELEASE.
Jsweizston Дзень таму
You know it sounds stupid but a re:View of Heavyweights or lesser known movies from the 90's would be entertaining?
First Last
First Last 2 дні таму
I thought the reremake of The Blob was called Phantoms.
dacypher22 3 дні таму
Speaking of "that guy" being in this movie, Flagg's boss at the garage who loans him a socket set is played by Beau Billingslea. A lot of people may recognize his voice as the English voice of Jet Black in Cowbow Bebop.
Scarlet 4 дні таму
In reference to the third Blob film, there is work happening and Samuel L Jackson is slated to be a main character
Scarlet 4 дні таму
I can imagine The Blob being a Silent Hill final boss
James Stone
James Stone 4 дні таму
Mike, lose some weight.
Miketheratguy Multimedia
Miketheratguy Multimedia 2 дні таму
We love Mike just the way he is.
Cecil Of Christmas Past
Cecil Of Christmas Past 7 дзён таму
As of writing this (Feb 24) the episode has 666k views The mark of the Blob
Jody Reeder
Jody Reeder 8 дзён таму
Always thought it was nightmarish dark, black, oily, of course would need to see both original and updated.
Brent Field
Brent Field 8 дзён таму
I love you guys reviews. I think The Monster Squad is deserving of a Re:View It’s one of my childhood favorites in all it’s cheesy glory.
Italian Guy
Italian Guy 9 дзён таму
The fly 1958 i think is a beautiful drama/romantic story. my heart broke in half every time when the wife discovers what happened to his husband
Fook Utube
Fook Utube 9 дзён таму
This remind me of Adam
Jon 9 дзён таму
34:46 it's a satchel charge
Chamroeun Bun
Chamroeun Bun 10 дзён таму
Regarding Mike's re-write @13:54, the priest's line should be "Just the regular for me, please!" ;)
Spaghetti Wizard
Spaghetti Wizard 10 дзён таму
I thought you guys said you were going to review The Blob, not Rich Evans' sextape???
vatti 9999
vatti 9999 11 дзён таму
Its funny my town has a graveyard right next the school as well I never would've thought about that transition from the opening shot because it's very normal to me.
Anthony Proffit
Anthony Proffit 11 дзён таму
Saint Boot
Saint Boot 11 дзён таму
If it must be remade again, they should get John Carpenter to direct.
Jonathan Citizen
Jonathan Citizen 11 дзён таму
Do a re:View of The Revenant (2009) the dark comedy/horror film!
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
44:20 But that's seems logical, it has been consuming human brains. And we could get a line like "Clever blob!" when it operates a door knob.
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
32:04 "..for my daughters pleasure!"
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
25:19 In this shot we can see that the Blob is whitish in color and turns pink aka flesh color after consuming the tin can bum. Also videogame nerds should look into the game Carrion. It is absolutely fantastic.
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
14:00 "A pack of the ribbed ones, my son."
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
12:28 "He had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls. Not that he needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can."
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
9:38 The simpsons intro.
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
4:10 I was not expecting this, but it's groovy!
ajantaju 11 дзён таму
Do The Stuff next.
M Sp
M Sp 11 дзён таму
isn't that red haired cop with the beard the toxic waste guy from robocop?
karlhalla 12 дзён таму
"Pennaah" is actually how you say Pen in Swedish :)
Holo-Cat Head
Holo-Cat Head 13 дзён таму
3:01 This is the exact problem I have with Godzilla movies
Tengku Elzafir
Tengku Elzafir 14 дзён таму
Kevin Dillon turned out to be a great actor. Johnny Drama was a masterpiece of a character.
goblined 14 дзён таму
It took me a month to work up the nerve to see this review. The remake is so damn traumatizing.
CLBM 14 дзён таму
The non-CG mom through the door window in Nightmare looks WIERD. Like a dream?
Brian Hood
Brian Hood 15 дзён таму
I cooked dinner just to sit down and watch this while eating
Mélanie Limbourg
Mélanie Limbourg 16 дзён таму
Jayson Spears
Jayson Spears 18 дзён таму
41:18 that look is absolutely priceless! lol
Daethalion 19 дзён таму
"How much can change, in two or three days?" Boy, this comment did NOT age well.
pitof 19 дзён таму
Does anyone know where to find the Martin pin that Jay is wearing?
pitof 19 дзён таму
Its the pin on his left side pocket that is silver and looks like a set of teeth with fangs, its the martin logo
cheezemonkeyeater 19 дзён таму
The sack bomb you refer to is called a satchel charge, I believe.
Nudhul 19 дзён таму
The "army green sack" Mike was referrencing is called a satchel charge.
Blank 19 дзён таму
Jay's flabbergasted reaction to Mike talking about "making words with motion" is hilarious
Alexander Jellinek
Alexander Jellinek 20 дзён таму
Is there already a start date for the Reboot/Remake(2021)??? I hope Simon West will create the Blob the same handmade way like the 1988 Version!
Wildly Mediocre
Wildly Mediocre 20 дзён таму
Jesus christ that kid took a L.
Santiago Del Castillo
Santiago Del Castillo 20 дзён таму
so let me get this straight, are you saying that you killed those young men on the subway? 0:31
Karl J
Karl J 21 дзень таму
Jay got that Justin Timberlake 2002 look locket in.
Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick 21 дзень таму
Best use of a snow globe besides citizen kane, edward sizzorhands
Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick 21 дзень таму
Ugh...watch the movie....he does not make that first jump
badreality2 21 дзень таму
The original "The Blob", is actually very good. It's almost an "A" movie.
Tigan Laverdure
Tigan Laverdure 21 дзень таму
this movie is cheesy
"Haven't watched the original"
ITOOKADUMP 22 дні таму
Beverly Hills Ninja as a future episode?
Tommy Depoorter
Tommy Depoorter 22 дні таму
smurphy131421 22 дні таму
As someone who should know better, at one point Jay said the camera pans up. Come on Jay, it tilts up.
Kristoff Nachnamen
Kristoff Nachnamen 22 дні таму
The blob is Borne.
caw caw caw
caw caw caw 23 дні таму
"Ooze" wouldn't be a bad replacement name for a modern retelling. Would love a remake that plays closer to cosmic horror too. Not making it smarter, but really emphasising just how alien and incomprehensible this entity is. Less blob and more Gibbering Mouther.
Vance Nethery
Vance Nethery 23 дні таму
It's true
Иван Ландин
Иван Ландин 23 дні таму
sladikk 24 дні таму
cool isnt it how they made a remake of a movie about a small town being slowly taken over by rich evans
Kelley Bennett
Kelley Bennett 24 дні таму
@RedLetterMedia this movie is good, just like that movie "People Under the Stairs".
Dr. Decker
Dr. Decker 24 дні таму
It was remade, in the same manner as the creeps,.. with the movie "SLither"... one of my favorite movies ever made :D another "perfect movie" along the same vein as Tremors (another favorite of mine)
Dr. Decker
Dr. Decker 24 дні таму
THe ultimate "Bum" movie... "Street Trash" ... have fun lol
Dr. Decker
Dr. Decker 24 дні таму
Flagg is a running character in THe DarkTower mythos, it goes as deep as "The Eyes of the Dragon"
Dr. Decker
Dr. Decker 24 дні таму
who didn't know that tower he was caught in was to be the dark tower? :D i love that book more than anything he has ever written,.. other than The Talisman and BLack House with Straub.
Dr. Decker
Dr. Decker 24 дні таму
This and The Thing are the two best remakes ever made
cranberryjuicer 24 дні таму
How is this a spotlight on the blob and rich evans doesn't appear once
Hayward Jeb Lomey
Hayward Jeb Lomey 25 дзён таму
Lynch sucks. Eraserhead is dumb.
Nabroc 25 дзён таму
Will you guys do a re:View of Mars Attacks?
Seth Falconer
Seth Falconer 25 дзён таму
Forced perspective 1/2 scale background shots are rare? Guess Jay never watched Frasier.
BloodylocksBathory 25 дзён таму
Another "that guy" in this remake is Pons Mar as a cinema manager. He was also in Return to Oz and The Golden Child... and also technically played Theodore Rex, he was in the dinosaur suit.
J S 25 дзён таму
Belgium represent
masterzombie 26 дзён таму
One thing I noticed is that this version of the blob is how it’s able to adapt on the fly to catch its prey. It’s definitely unlike the original where it just eats people, this blob uses tactics to eat. Not just that but it’s also possible this one can evolve through it’s one weakness given time and Patience. The blob truly is one of the most powerful threats put to film, if it’s weakness wasn’t cold then we would be screwed.
applebeepatios 26 дзён таму
One of my favorite horror movies; I never noticed half of those setups/foreshadowings!
Steve 26 дзён таму
It's a cracking film, holds up
AVATARI 26 дзён таму
I want a montage of all the people who get eaten/digested alive by the titular blob from this film set to the theme song from the 1950's version! That would have made the ending of this re:View episode the best thing ever! (And this still one of the best episodes so far)
BitterBug 26 дзён таму
For some reason I thought this was flubber
Vincent Marone
Vincent Marone 27 дзён таму
please re view nightbreed
Travis Ingram
Travis Ingram 27 дзён таму
Perfect double-feature: The Blob (1988) and The Stuff (1985)
SomethingDangerous1 27 дзён таму
Lmao whats up with the pins in jays jacket? What is u doin baby...
Late Cambrian
Late Cambrian 27 дзён таму
wait a minute... how could Mike transfer the hand written notes to computer if he can't read his own writing? plot hole....
Emanuil Spasov
Emanuil Spasov 27 дзён таму
When is Jay just going to do the heist he's obviously preparing for.
Bomb Twenty
Bomb Twenty 27 дзён таму
45:01 wipes a fat man's sputum from his eye
useraccountforme 28 дзён таму
MIke doesn't know what a satchel charge is called...
bluegum 27 дзён таму
He doesn't play video games and has no interest in weaponry
Guy Hall
Guy Hall 28 дзён таму
These dudes are boring
TG Whitta
TG Whitta 28 дзён таму
So the Blob is Rich Evans.
The Drow Detective
The Drow Detective 28 дзён таму
“How much can change in two or three days from today, January fourth” - Jay Bauman, 2021
Herbert West
Herbert West 18 дзён таму
Yes you correctly identified the joke. well done.
Tyler MacRae
Tyler MacRae 28 дзён таму
I thought that going into the Chemical Corps of the Army was gonna be like this, dealing with super secret weapons n stuff but so far it’s been nothing but paperwork, thanks Hollywood
Devastación Analógica
Devastación Analógica 29 дзён таму
Jay is “that guy”
Alex 29 дзён таму
I just started watching your channel recently. Good stuff! I recommend The Doom Patrol for a review. First two seasons are amazing!
Flynn Papandrea
Flynn Papandrea 29 дзён таму
Yo, this is my manager, After-The-Fact.
A.G.M 29 дзён таму
James Cameron is too busy exploring the oceans to make another Avatar right now. He’s so fucking cool
Leo Kaiser
Leo Kaiser 29 дзён таму
17:44 Lol, settle down
freeriding666 29 дзён таму
RLM guys and fans do realize that the Blob in this '80s version is basically a pink Shoggoth, right? So many '80s horror flicks, especially those by Carpenter, are uncredited Lovecraft movies. Some elements aren't there, like specific characters and place names, but the stories and creatures are so similar. It'd be interesting for later episodes to look at this angle.
Herbert West
Herbert West 18 дзён таму
not enough eyeballs to be a shoggoth.
ScyllaWyrm 29 дзён таму
All those eighties faces, the Twin Peaks town and Shawnee Smith from Saw in one movie felt like several dimensions converging.
L- Wook
L- Wook Месяц таму
Who’s the main girl in the blob? Looks so familiar
mak10z Месяц таму
Mike, Here's a new word for your Vernacular. Army Sack bomb: Satchel Charge
dustichux867 Месяц таму
Hey! You should re:View The Host (2006) by Bong Joon-ho!
CelestialWoodway Месяц таму
Not a great movie.
Skoora Месяц таму
Like the movies you pick and what you guys like but damn you guys need to tighten up these video’s. There’s little energy in the conversation even though I’m into the subject matter it gets deadly boring after several minutes. It’s like you took a Xanax and then wanting to discuss movies.
Avery Mitchell
Avery Mitchell Месяц таму
Finally got all of my friends in one room and made them watch The Blob. After Paul gets blobbed, one of my friends said "this movie is fucking disgusting", one said "I want to puke", and one had to leave altogether. I got the response I wanted for sure
CelestialWoodway Месяц таму
Pussy friends.
Roter Fuchs
Roter Fuchs Месяц таму
I like the hat guys clothes. Video is cool too.
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