The Problem With Auto-Tune 

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This one takes a weird left turn at Singin' in the Rain
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Sources and other links:
Musical Theater Mash's video on Dubbing in Movie Musicals
He has a really great channel, you should absolutely go and follow him
The live pitch correction plugin I showed the commercial for
Luke Evans's interview about singing live in Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson's interview where she talks about singing live in front of 300 people
The Interview with Frank Wolf about mixing Beauty and the Beast
The ClassicalFM article about Emma Watson's singing
The Times of San Diego about how we should bring back dubbing citing Watson as a reason




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Miguel Palacio Castillo
Miguel Palacio Castillo 7 хвілін таму
Sideways talks about Autotune and makes BTS stans angry
There we go
There we go 22 години таму
Live Pitch Correction. Soon to be called the Star Spangled Banner Saver.
Stellaluna Дзень таму
This is really useful! Thanks for throwing more light on sound production. Reminds me of how I grew up listening to musical theatre tracks and was startled when I got to attend live performances: things were interpreted far differently, and while still spectacular, it sounded much more personal. It made me realize the difference between performing for an audience, and the way musical theatre is inherently more fluid than musical film, and how things can be changed and shifted. It blew my mind how many different ways songs were interpreted, and it was hard to let go of the "one true performance" mindset.
Scubacopter 2 дні таму
You can skip to five points in the video and hear you say the exact same thing. You're repetitive. More concise videos in the future would be appreciated. Wouldn't feel like it was dragging on... You know... dragging on? Like repeating what you say? Like going over the same point over and over again... driving home your point? Not really... moreso just like a nagging mother who reminds you for the fourth time why she hates your favorite band. You know... nagging? ... I think I've made my point.
Bakeneko 2 дні таму
In the end, mistakes are proof for authenticity. Joking aside, there's no problem with non-perfect live perfomances, but there's a problem with false-expectations. We see that not only with music, but also with stuff like... well, food. One advantage of those rather disgusting fast-food-chains is that they aim for this little thing, that their stuff always tastes the same (/ always the exact same quality). With natural "pure" raw materials, that is simply impossible. No onion will ever taste exactly like any other. But that is what is expected by customers and companies deliver. I'm not saying you shouldn't eat processed food, I'm not some crazy one argueing against technological advancement, quite the opposite. If you can manipulate the genes of a grain so that it yields more outcome, without compromising too much in terms of losing nutritions (which is funny, as grain itself is already one of the worse raw food sources, but anyway) than yeah, do it. Make it more efficient. If you can clone muscle-flesh and therefor turn stock farming obsolote, do it. Back to music, these tools are being used, and "Auto-Tune" is nothing but a tool, because there's an expectation that a well established musician makes no mistakes. As guitarist and someone who played in a band I must say, that mistakes actually create enjoyable moments, embarrassing, yes, but also often very enjoyable. You can use mishaps and mistakes to your advantage, but you'd give up some level of control and you need to let go of this "perfection" idea. Look at Madonna for example. That woman is almost made of plastic by now. And if you watch closely, you'd usually see her have her hands covered in gloves. You might now think that this is some "fashion-antic", but the truth is rather disturbing. Her hands look old. The problem is you cannot "lift" hands to look younger like you can do with the face or other body parts. And Madonna is not the youngest woman on earth anymore, but there's an expectation about her appearance, one that she may have adopted herself. A rather unhealthy expectation. These musicians are no longer artists creating art, they've become the artwork themselves. And that is a serious problem. (And this is the social worker in me speaking.)
Stormy Wormy6333
Stormy Wormy6333 3 дні таму
I really don’t like singers or bands that use auto tune because we don’t hear there real voices and it’s to much.
Episky 4 дні таму
Mattias Rohde
Mattias Rohde 4 дні таму
Also, Music isn't a competition.
stgiles15 4 дні таму
Katy Perry's voice is as flat as a pancake without pitch correction
Jaded Kratos
Jaded Kratos 5 дзён таму
T Pain deep throats the auto tune soooo hard it gushes fluid all down his throat
pm 6 дзён таму
Rip daft punk
mst3kharris 6 дзён таму
If people thought Cher couldn’t sing because she was using that Autotune effect, I have bad news for them about how long her career has been.
allinone 7 дзён таму
I just subscribed, this guy makes too much sense for me not to
EethT 7 дзён таму
The problem is it makes my ears ring
Viquéo 7 дзён таму
Are there actually still a lot of people thinking like this? I mean after all those famous rappers using auto-tune to be able to sing, while also not caring about the fact that you can hear they are using it, no one should really have any reason to critisize you for using it, no matter if you are just using it like T-Pain or actually because you cannot hit the notes! Lol
Fahrenheit38 8 дзён таму
What's the human puppet clip from you show a few times?
shing fan chan
shing fan chan 8 дзён таму
I have to give a dislike, this argument is a bullshit. Cheating is cheating, no matter cheating become a norm in nowadays music and everyone does that, still can't change the fact that it is cheating. I think that is the reason I no longer listen to American musics cuz everyone try to cut corners and they are not as good as they suppose to be, they don't deserve the name that they made, they don't have the dedication manner and professional ability to back up their reputation. What a shame!
CykoticArtist 8 дзён таму
22:35 that's because noone watched noah
Hubert Cross
Hubert Cross 8 дзён таму
there's just the one???
Metz Waldron
Metz Waldron 8 дзён таму
The sweltering event ironically regret because cod controversly unlock by a glossy mascara. halting, far swim
Criptic 8 дзён таму
I listen to the album for the perfect performance and go to the concert for the experience, I mean concert are always worse quality but some bands really know how to put on a show
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson 10 дзён таму
1:43, what's the song?
deaf rebel
deaf rebel 10 дзён таму
Tone has so much to do with the message of any music and auto tune is void of any original expression even if the lyrics are fantastic when you lack tone you really kill the chance to articulate a message if you have one at all.the mind is much more effected by tones than meaning.tone describes the emotion that caused the words. Like everyone who has a dog knows you can say the worst shit but if you use that tone that sounds nice he cant ever tell. Although we're not dogs and we can grasp meaning tone it expands to all forms of life on earth communicating.its probably the single most important nuance to any vocal or written creations. To take tone out of music is like taking shades out of colors. Pretty bad idea .
James VanZanten
James VanZanten 10 дзён таму
So what's the point? Talented singers benefit slightly from time/labor saving correction technology, means we shouldn't judge singers who synth their voice for entire songs? Im not buying it
Liam 10 дзён таму
One telltale for pitch correction is "stepping" or the singer's voice moving instantly from one note to another.
Phibie 11 дзён таму
I'm really sick of the way people fetishize "REAL talent" and vocal authenticity when. Music is art. Let it be art, and let artistic liberties be taken. Like to be a musical artist, you dont just need the vocals (as you can see w daft punk), you need MUSICAL SKILL. Tyler, the Creator, for instance, is far from the best singer, but I still love to hear both his off tune and pitch corrected songs. They're both different artistic choices with interesting outcomes. Also to my mans T-Pain, his music was always bumping and the autotune added a certain zest to it.
SlyHikari03 11 дзён таму
The only thing I like about autotune is that it’s used in Arabic pop. And they make it sound good.
Marc Blouin
Marc Blouin 12 дзён таму
Great video! There's an excellent article from Simon Reynolds back in 2018 that touches on a lot of what you discuss here. Keep up the good work!
timm holl
timm holl 12 дзён таму
*Do* audiences want live performances, or authenticity ? Or yet another push by Hollywood?
Yara AlMostafa
Yara AlMostafa 13 дзён таму
It was a bit annoying not to hear all your example clips you put on, but a side of that love the analysis ❤️ thank you
famailiaanima 13 дзён таму
Bro I had no idea! :O
Michael Handy
Michael Handy 14 дзён таму
Opera: Where you have to dance a Gavotte to a Rossini Cabaletta and there are no microphones.
**Zenobia** 14 дзён таму
There seems to be a lot videos these days that wants to explain why autotune is used, and how it is not crutch, that is fine. But someone should also discuss some of the real consequences of using all of these tools. You can actually hear Melodyne as well. People don't really expect perfection. It is the slight imperfections and nuanses that often adds to the emotion and authenticity, of the performance. Even when people often don't have any understanding of music, they can still feel that the emotion or something is lacking from a performance. People respond to authenticity. When there is only one standard of perfection, it makes music very predictable and ultimately forgettable. If everyone is working towards and able to achieve the same standard it makes music more similar. Music is a form of art, you can make artistic decisions, that might be outside of the norm or standard, and it can make something better or more meaningful. That might sound strange, but an interesting example of this is Under Pressure from Queen and David Bowie. In some sections of the song they use some scat singing from Freddie Mercury which is actually very slightly off pitch. This scatting that was used, was really just vocal warm ups from Freddie Mercury before he started to lay down real vocals. Freddie Mercury could easily have rerecorded this scatting perfectly. But the rawer vocals adds more of a bridge or a connection to the less refined vocals of David Bowie. It really creates more unity, and it works more towards the meaning of the song. Artistically, it made the song better, but it not necessarily perfect. You need to think outside the box to do something like that. In today's world someone would likely just have pitched shifted those parts, because it is not in the expected standard. All singers sing very slightly off pitch naturally, this creates an individual footprint, you can easily remove character from the voice with too much pitch shifting. There is less unpredictability, because the ear knowns exactly what the following note will sound like, if everything is set to same perfect standard.
A Latin Bunny
A Latin Bunny 14 дзён таму
You said something slightly bad about BTS and you came out alive, you are a legend.
Alain Dubois
Alain Dubois 15 дзён таму
Would auto-tune give Sideways a lower slower voice? I got a terrible headache about half-way thinking is this repeating itself?
Daniel barrass
Daniel barrass 15 дзён таму
You see, this is why heavy metal is the best. The end. Reasoning: People go to metal concerts for the experience and to meet other people that like metal, not for the singing (although it still is awesome).
ViralTuber 15 дзён таму
Gee, now I feel guilty for identifying pitch correction so easily in those instances you've assured me I'm not supposed to be capable of that. As long as a person has no musical ear, your rant makes sense.
AlexAlienNerd 15 дзён таму
I was told in an effects class I did that there are hundreds of effects shots in the stuff coming out nowadays no matter what genre it may fall into. When I saw this I was reminded of how intense some people's hatred of CGI is.
Siren Boga
Siren Boga 16 дзён таму
Here from Kadija
Ogi 473
Ogi 473 16 дзён таму
Adria Poynter
Adria Poynter 16 дзён таму
I feel so lied too that funny face wasn’t actually Audrey that’s my mom’s favorite movie 😭😭😭😭
K.A 16 дзён таму
This man hasn't heard of Mamamoo
Victor Mendonça da Silva
Victor Mendonça da Silva 17 дзён таму
my real problem with auto-tune is that everybody sounds the same
Eddie Martin
Eddie Martin 17 дзён таму
10:00 BRO WHAT? Have you heard of Opera, Broadway, musicals, plays, literally ANYTHING. I mean even in rock music, look at Freddie Mercury literally jumping, stripping, climbing and running on stage while he sings Bb4s and above with ease.
Eddie Martin
Eddie Martin 17 дзён таму
8:36 I completely disagree with everything you said in the next 15 to 20 seconds. Look up footage of any band or artist from the 70s 80s and even 90s and see how they manage to pull off their songs. Sure they may dodge a note here or there or may play an alternate melody but they are still in tune and are singing very well. Of course you may not be able to hit the C5s and above in chest voice how you may do on the album but you can still do an alternate melody. It takes real talent to come up with alternate melodies and notes on the fly. If you just use an effect to make yourself hit those notes then it will just sound strange to a person thats used to hearing the natural voice. Its not that they arent hitting the same notes as in the studio, its that these so called “singers” cannot hold a tune for the life of them. Its as if they are tone deaf and they need these effects to keep them in tune rather than hit the notes. Edit: T-Pain comes to mind as someone who can sing and stay in tune without additional software, he just uses autotune as the effect, and not to help him.
Janeil's PLAYGROUND 17 дзён таму
I am a producer/engineer it's a trick I use it's really good it's also very hard to setup, I can use autotune and set it that you don't hear the correction even when it's in 100% tune, 🙂
Belle Mystique
Belle Mystique 17 дзён таму
Two words: OPERA SINGERS!!!! Sorry, but REAL talent doesn't CHEAT. Absolute phonies and hollywood pedophile trash use the fake auto-tune method. Ubiquitous, sure, in fake hollywood circles.
Future Drive Games
Future Drive Games 18 дзён таму
So, telling a vocalist off for using auto tune as an effect is like telling a guitarist off for using pedals?
Xeroh1 18 дзён таму
Well said man. You’ve earned a sub.
BlitzHimself 18 дзён таму
Back in the days when Cher made her song this overpitched it was cool and modern. Listen to Blümchen for example
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips 19 дзён таму
Thanks for enlightening me. I used to be the one to trash auto tune and now I see what auto tune and pitch correction are for, thank you and take my subscription.
Berdan Sarıgöl
Berdan Sarıgöl 19 дзён таму
If you think about that, art is a way to cover up the truth. If you wanna know the truth, don't consume art, consume scientific material. Because art is based on fiction, whether it's a painting, a sculpture, a novel or a song. It's a way to manipulate mind to tell the emotions and thoughts.
R. Bond
R. Bond 19 дзён таму
I agree with most of this except that Kesha can sing... yikes
Regents Park Music
Regents Park Music 19 дзён таму
I've seen a massive uptick in artists coming into our studio demanding we not use autotune on their vocals ("I don't want to sound like everyone else."). We never use it, but obviously they've been in studios that pushed for it.
Thundawich 19 дзён таму
I have a bit of a question that might start a war. Should performers be able to win awards for performances that were edited? I personally think no. The person you are giving the award to quite literally did not perform the piece that you are giving them the award for, and I think that should be disqualifying.
Madison Hokstad
Madison Hokstad 19 дзён таму
Am I the only one who- just actually doesn’t care? I guess for me I value the contents of a song more than if the singer is talented or not??? Like I literally don’t care at all if the singer can actually sing, as long as whatever I end up hearing doesn’t sound like crap
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 19 дзён таму
I’m so glad someone finally made this video. As a semi-professional musician, I get really sick of laypeople who have literally no idea what their talking about trash talented people because they misunderstand how technology works.
TheFirstHurrah 19 дзён таму
My only problem with this video is his insistence that “no one is capable of sounding like what they do on their albums” - people USED to sound like they did on their albums, back *before* there was autotune or pitch-correction. And a lot of it was better than anything made today (obviously that’s subjective, but I think we can all agree that autotune and pitch-correction have not led to any drastic increase in music quality). To reiterate, there has always been amazing music produced without pitch correction, and it’s definitely not like the studio versions of songs being produced today sound so incredibly better than older music because of it, so what exactly is the point of using it if not to just level the playing field and prop up people who would otherwise be considered mediocre or good-but-not-great while obscuring the actual true talents who don’t use and don’t need to use any of it? Unless the point of it is to just make songs sound as boring and robotic as possible. (Kind of OT, but one thing that has really been bugging me about contemporary music for while now is the use of what I call ‘copy-paste choruses.’ Like, you hear verse 1, then the chorus, then verse 2, then the chorus again, but you can tell that it’s the exact *same* chorus. With the exact same vocal inflections. The same sound-bite. Like the person didn’t sing it again, didn’t get into a booth and just record the song in one take like people used to, but you can actually tell that the song was assembled from bits and pieces of takes, and the best version of the chorus was just copied and then pasted multiple places in the track in some audio-editor. It’s so *soulless* I hate it!)
Melker Claesson
Melker Claesson 19 дзён таму
Go away melodyne ad.
LoonerFlight 20 дзён таму
After watching this, I'd really like to hear your opinion on vocaloids
Mother Of Pink
Mother Of Pink 20 дзён таму
I don’t care how much auto tune an artist uses, as long is the music is good and the artist puts hard work into it.
Someone 20 дзён таму
I don't know anything at all about music, but I am an illustrator, and I think this whole auto tune discourse is the same as people complaining about using CG in illustrations. It's 2021 people, technology is there for a reason...
Maike_ VanB
Maike_ VanB 20 дзён таму
Marny Nixon being a full secret star or what
Lightly Bound
Lightly Bound 20 дзён таму
When Simon almost spit out his drink I nearly lost it.
Tastebox 21 дзень таму
I liked how in Carole & Tuesday they just didn't give a flip if someone was using "AI" for their music or singing, it was all just about making great music by whatever means you choose. I don't really care if my performer is actually a great singer or whatever, if the music is cool.
Gidgit VonLaRue
Gidgit VonLaRue 21 дзень таму
Look into Aretha Franklin in The Blues Brothers - just a tip!
Nolan Atterbury
Nolan Atterbury 21 дзень таму
Moulin Rouge actually had some dubbing! In one song, they switched Ziegler’s voice out. Not the best source but www.buzzfeed.com/jemimaskelley/things-you-didnt-know-about-moulin-rouge#.bvOOL8ldl
Sir Lenzelot
Sir Lenzelot 21 дзень таму
"Meine Damen und Herrennnn.. Was Sie jetzt hören ist nicht meine Stimme."
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 21 дзень таму
Your typical fan of New Kids On The Block couldn't care less that they were lip-synching. Just as long as they could get a glimpse of that dreamy Jordan. Me, myself, personally, I go to concerts looking forward to the live performance sounding different from the recording.
nekobAsU 21 дзень таму
We have Mamamoo it’s good
Jeremie Morse
Jeremie Morse 21 дзень таму
I like the raw effect of vocals is what I prefer. However I don't down Auto-Tune as an effect I just think is used too much. Just my preference. There are plenty of artists though that you strictly the auto-tune effect because they are not able to sing. Yes T-Pain is a great singer and he uses it as an effect that I may like I said think is used too much. But many just use it cause they can't sing as well.i think it comes down to the genre you prefer. I think modern pop music obviously wants perfection and that's fine it's just not what I likewhen I listen to the led Zeppelin studio album I know that when I listen to the led Zeppelin live album it's going to be different and a good artist can make something from that and sometimes do a better performance than if it was in the studio.
Axl Rose's Son
Axl Rose's Son 21 дзень таму
Cool and very insightful video but I hate auto-tune and pitch correction. I love rawness of a great singer's voice because its human and I really connect to them because it makes me feel like its ok to not be perfect. I do wanna learn how to sing but I don't want auto-tune nor pitch correction, I want to be #nofilter.
Ben Flood
Ben Flood 22 дні таму
10:00 @ the 2021 superbowl halftime show
ALJ Studios
ALJ Studios 22 дні таму
Problem with Auto-Tune is an effect became a crutch for no talent hacks who look good on camera.
Caleb Hansen
Caleb Hansen 22 дні таму
2:57 is that Michael Chera
Brian Gervais
Brian Gervais 22 дні таму
I think it wigs me out due to an Uncanny Valley effect.
natyboops 22 дні таму
If there's pitch correction..."No One" doesn't use it. Jus sayin'. Also the music coulda used it too.
VJT - music
VJT - music 22 дні таму
I once had a friend, who mixed our band's record, re-record the bass track on one song to replace the track that was played by our bassist because it just wasn't good enough. It was just sloppy and it was easier to do this than to force him to go record it again and better. The bassist never found out. To this day, he thinks that it is him playing on the record. This was a small amateur independent band. Think about how a guy, who otherwise isn't half bad, who actually played the track, couldn't tell that his track was not just cut and polished, but entirely replaced and then think about how likely it is for you, being just a listener, to be able to tell that a pro has manipulted the track when they don't want you to find out... Bottom line: everybody these days is using auto-tune, pitch-correction, moving beats to be on time, if not quantizing them etc. To be mad at someone for using autotune is as futile as being mad at a guitarist that their guitar sounds electric and therefore artificial.
dcbsmt 22 дні таму
Who is stupid enough to expect a live performance to exactly match a studio recording?
geovani12345 22 дні таму
WTF is T- whatever?
Molly Koenig
Molly Koenig 23 дні таму
I feel like, in Sweeney Todd, they didn't do too much correcting. I mean, they did okay, but the singing certainly wasn't great. I've seen footage from studio recordings and it sounded pretty damn exact when compared to the film versions.
Honey Way
Honey Way 23 дні таму
Okay maybe I’m dumb, maybe I’m speaking of something I don’t know and maybe there’s an obvious obstacle to it that I’m not aware of but WHY wouldn’t they just film first for the best cinematic performance and then do the singing in the studio... that way they can focus on lip synch to the best performance while also serving studio quality singing ?! Isn’t that possible ?
[REDACTED] 23 дні таму
1.9k neckbeards.
MsJubjubbird 23 дні таму
the effect that annoys me is the one that thins out the whole voice so it has no dynamics or timbre. It's usually a sign that the person has a bad voice as well as being out of tune. the child popstars use it a lot (and Emma Watson) But people don't want to hear the live performance be the same as the album. That way you know it's live and you can't capture some things in a recording as you can live, no matter how many takes
man person
man person 23 дні таму
my problem with autotune isnt that it's cheating, it's that the effect sounds stupid.
Wong Vun Yu
Wong Vun Yu 23 дні таму
The pitch tuner people who went through schools and studies in background.
eructus 23 дні таму
I like to imagine that your weekly visits to the therapist play out roughly the same as your youtube videos
SpectralFX 23 дні таму
Wow, I didn't expect to learn something about the culture of make up in that video. dang.
Kavukamari 23 дні таму
oh no... emma I'm so sorry
Aquablue 125
Aquablue 125 23 дні таму
Watson was the worst belle
Aquablue 125
Aquablue 125 23 дні таму
What a great video! It’s sad how artificial things have become .
Mike Crites
Mike Crites 24 дні таму
Cher never needed autotune
archery411 24 дні таму
re singin' in the rain: lets not ALSO forget that the sounds of Debbie Reynold's tap dancing was also dubbed (by Gene Kelley) bc she couldnt do that either. The premise of that movie was SO ironic given how much of Debbie's performance wasn't hers.
Hugh Whaley
Hugh Whaley 24 дні таму
We now have the technology to create deep fakes that require forensic technology experts to identify the fakes. It is getting...............?
Hugh Whaley
Hugh Whaley 24 дні таму
I simply do not like the artificial timbre of the autotune effect applied. I generally do not like non-acoustic timbre. I hate distorted heavy metal guitar also.
buzzardbeatniks 24 дні таму
The thing that always bugged me about the Milli Vanilli skip is that they could have just said yeah we were lipsyncing ourselves pre-recorded. It in no way revealed that they didn't sing the original.
Victoriess 24 дні таму
I think the only one who wasn’t singing was the girl playing La carlotta since she didn’t have experience in opera but the others voices were real I believe!
jehovahuponyou 24 дні таму
jehovahuponyou 22 дні таму
@An Autistic Hegehog LOL!!!!!!! THANKS HEGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An Autistic Hegehog
An Autistic Hegehog 22 дні таму
So true
Soo-Jin Park
Soo-Jin Park 25 дзён таму
So people prefer without pitch correcting?
K4yr4h 25 дзён таму
What a redundant video. Horrible
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